Monday, October 15, 2012

Life Catch Up

Sometimes my phone keeps a better update of my life than anything without making 50 posts about all things life has brought me in the past couple weeks, why not a good 'ole photo dump?

Without further adieu:

1// Casting my support for Lilly Lemington in Journey Church's mock election, check it out! 2// chillin with my hunny as he watches the red zone...3/ one project coming to a close, thank goodness! 4// excited to be wearing a quarter-length sleeve length dress finally 5// My great great grandlittle (my I'm old) gift, mason jars filled with candy and decorated with a lamb of course, thanks to the little's cricut 6//cheesy crab pretzel, this was my meal on our honeymoon and I finally re-created it! 7// Trying to clear out my tshirt collection, decided to cut them down for a blanket instead: Memorial Mustang for life yall! 8// A fantastic exhibit a friend of mine and I experienced in Houston years ago 9// Senior Spring Break 08, the classic air brush T 10// Telluride, CO tshirt, this was my first shirt from there, oh man one of my favorite places I've ever been, always wanting to go back! 11// On Monday it was in the 30s in Oklahoma, and in my office it was 54. wrong I tell you. wrong. We wore our coats and scarfs inside.crazyness. 12// & 13// Kevin and I went running Monday night and the sunset was absolutely INCREDIBLE. 14// This past week of Hoarders made me feel sick to my stomach, wowza! People are strange 15//&16// Another project coming to an end, OU's Volleyball Team Room 17// Kevin's start to his own t-shirt quilt 18// A Michiganer moved into our neighborhood this week, yes I'm the stranger that took a picture of the car..and I don't care go amazing blue michigan wolverines! 19//& 20// New fall outfit assembles 21// View of the OK capital building from a project I got to visit by Knoll furniture systems 22// My Oklahoma outfit for Friday, love working for my University 23// Husband and I celebrating 4 months of marriage 24//& 25// My besties and I got a whole weekend together last week 26// My bestie joined me for the BIG game (read about that here) and OOPS 27 & 28 are a repeat, silly me.

This is my phi lamb family...pretty intense yall. I am a great great grandbig...geesh I'm getting too old for this.

Oh yeah and then, remember when I told you I was going to hang out with the most precious baby? Well I did, and it was so fun and I took perhaps WAY too many pictures...
1// what a great cuddler 2// that face. oh that face 3// just playing with my toys 4// I posted this one on instagram 5// sleepy baby drinking her bottle 6//-9// we played peek-a-boo and she adored it 10// oh just so cute 11// sweet happiness 12//what an adorable baby laugh 13// " I put my hands up in the air sometimes" (her dad says this is her touchdown pose) 14//-15// sleeping babies cuddling with you is truly one of the most calming and peaceful things in the world!

Oh and if you missed Friday where we told you to prepare yourself for the biggest game of the weekend, well then you missed out on being prepared. And just so I can prove to you it was the biggest game of the weekend, check out the photos below:
The split the stadium in half, Sooners and Texans. Here you can't really see any Longhorns left.
What a cute happy man! We heart BOB!
Just getting dumped with the ice bucket, the player behind him made some fun silly faces

and that's all, I've bored you with enough picture for today.

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  1. I love phone picture updates, probably because that is literally all I ever do, document my life in pictures!

    Yay for college football:):)

  2. I love the photo of the half empty stadium!! I hope they get an arial view and sell it! I will totally buy it! Haha!

  3. That was a MASSIVE score difference! Woohoo, way to beat Texas!

  4. New follower from Mingle Monday!

    Ahhhh I am totally with you on that Hoarders episode! I almost puked!!

  5. Loved seeing that stadium so empty on the orange side! What a great game it was!

  6. Veronica...Being a photographer myself, I totally understand the love to take pictures. Great post. Thank you for sharing at WJIM this week. Blessings.


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