Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flirting with Fall

This fall I'm determined to mix my wardrobe up a little and get a little in tune with the season. You see,   being from Houston I virtually owned zero fall attire...yall I didn't own a single scarf. I'm not even exaggerating. So now that I've left the college world of sweatshirts and jeans, I've decided it's high time for me to flirt with fall in the clothing department. With some leftover wedding gift card money, the husband and I decided to update my fall wardrobe just a bit at Target. My rules were to find something in the green, yellow, or purple field, since I basically own a tone of blue and red/pink. And we were successful!Love me some Target finds. My favorite item I went home with is this pretty sweater:

Mossimo® Women's Ultra Soft Scoop Neck Sweater - Assorted Colors

And so when I started this post, I was going to show you one of my newest fall looks but alas Oklahoma doesn't believe in Fall weather, not yet anyway. No it likes to throw 30 degrees at you last Monday and then wind back to the 80s this week. I'm not bitter or anything though. Besides I'm probably a terrible fashion blogger anyhow...

Sooo anyway,  in other flirting with fall news, I put a little assortment together to go on our media cabinet and dress up for fall a little more, after project one and two.

What you need:
-Glass vases ( I tend to be a hoarder of vases but if you don't have any, check out Goodwill)
-Popcorn kernels
-Candle (fake or real)

This project really isn't very hard, and the pictures pretty much explain the how-to,  so I'm just sharing my pictures of the finished product:

And hey what better way to re-purpose one of my wedding candles?! I just love it.

What kind of fall fashion have you been drawn to?


  1. I love that idea! Super cute!

  2. this is really cute, i had a fall wedding and this would have been something great to have there!
    and thanks so much for adding the almost friday thursday blog hop! i'm really excited about it. glad to have you :)

  3. so cute! the sweater and the candle! good job v :)

  4. I love the corn! This is the first time I have seen it used as decor and its fantastic! So unique!

    I found you on the Almost Friday Blog Hop and am a new follower!


  5. The corn as the vase filler is too cute! Oh, and way to go on reusing that wedding stuff!


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