Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fallin' for Fall

Not too long ago I teased yall with a project I was working on. Today, I'm finally sharing it with you!

Step by step, how to create your own book pumpkin:
(*this DIY was derived from Better Homes&Gardens)

What you need:
-Hot Glue & Glue Gun
-template (click link above)
-spray paint, orange and brown (I went for a deep rustic orange and brown but you could go brighter)
-cutting mat
-paint spatula

Time to get started! //1. Print the template from the Home&Garden link above and cut it out with scissors. // 2. Find a book you can live without, for us it was a book my husband had to read in school about diseases(gross). Remove the cover and bend the binding back and forth to make the book more flexible. Placing a cutting mat beneath, lay the book flat down with about five pages stacked on the right. Then using your template, trace the shape onto the first page ( my book turned out to be a little bigger than the template so I edited the shape a bit). // 3.  Using an x-acto knife (or any utility cutting tool) cut along your traced pumpkin shape through the first 5 pages. (continue this step, adding about 4-5 pages at a time, don't worry if it tears or it's not perfect, it doesn't have to be)

Step 3 cont.If your book is pretty thick, and you happen to lack patience, like me, you can continue through step 3 with my alternative solution, your kitchen bread cutting knife. I know this sounds crazy but it worked. I shaved right on through all the pages at once with the book closed flat onto the cutting mat. I slowly worked my way around the shape but it did go much faster than the pace I was going at with the x-acto knife. A little help from some tough scissors too, and the shape perfect!

[Side Note: as I mention above, my book seemed like it was larger than the book used in the original link. On the bottom, using the bread knife, I cut off the the remaining stump( it was kind of fun so I kept it (see left). Now the top, I had been trying to cut it off with scissors as I was cutting the shape (back in step two) but then I realized, if I kept it on there, it could become the stem on the pumpkin. In the Homes&Garden link, they used a fake stem glued to the top, that version looks great too so it's really up to you.]
Continuing...//4. Following the shape on the book I used my scissors to sort of clean up the shaved edges. Don't use a lot of force here. and again, don't worry if you cut some pages too much or if they tear, it's really okay.

Now comes the real slow process, you might want invite a friend over so you can chit chat and thus not lose your patience. //5. Taking the back page and the front page and some hot glue, glue them together. I ended up gluing the page behind the front page, and back page, to the front/back just to strengthen the hold..(I don't even know if that sentence made sense). //6. Using your hot glue gun, go down the inside fold of each page with a bead of hot glue.This will hold the pages apart. Start this process with the book flat down, then flip the book and start the same process on the other side for a few pages. Eventually prop the book up, fluff it out and continue lining the inside with a bead of hot glue. //7. Stand your pumpkin book up right, fluff pages, continue gluing, line pages that are sticking together with another bead of glue. If you chose to make the stem out of pages like I did, you'll want to carefully put some glue between those page bits.

Eventually, you'll finish step 7...but with some patience, you'll make it.The more attention you give this part of the process then the fluffier and fuller your book pumpkin will look.
And finally you get to the painting part! //8. Grab some newspaper or a piece of cardboard and head outdoors. Using the orange spray paint, start spraying at angle, allowing the pages to flip on their own. Go once all the way around. //9. Then start separating the pages (they'll stick together) and spray the insides of the pages. You don't want to totally coat the pages, and it's okay if some pages have hardly any color at all. Then with the brown spray paint, just touch the edges and coat the top stem, to give more of a gradient look.  //10. Use a paint spatula(or something thin that will be okay to get paint on) to separate the pages so they don't clump and stick together. Let dry.

Once dry: //11. Adhere your leaf, ribbon and any extra little additions. I atttached some little fake berries just for some added flair.

Finally, prepare the pumpkin place setting. For me, I picked up a basket for .99 from Goodwill and some fake fall leaves from the dollar store, and a batch of berries from Hobby Lobby.

The final product (excuse my unprofessional photo taking skills):

I'm so in love with the way it turned out and feel so accomplished! I promise you can do it too, all it takes is some patience (and believe me, if I managed, then you sooo can) and an afternoon for crafting. Thanks for letting me share!

- Patience, patience, patience....and some girls to help pass the time will bless you immensely in this project.
- This is not a project for the perfectionist in you. It's okay for some of the pages to have sort of a torn look, for them to not be all the same size, and for some to be whiter than others.
- Use your creative license! Have fun and be proud of your accomplishment.

What are some Fall crafts you've been working on?

Tune back in to PP&P on Thursday for another Fall craft...
and tomorrow for some of the BEST surprise pictures from our wedding.


  1. Adorable!! That turned out great!

  2. Cute looks like I will have to try this!

  3. This is such a neat idea, thanks for sharing! New follower from the GFC Blog Hop!! I would love for you to stop by and follow back ;)Vikki xx www.littlelovesblog.co.uk

  4. Wish I was that crafty!! I think the only thing I can do is fingerpaint! Hahaha!

    Your newest follower from the Blog Hop!!


  5. k coolest most creative thing I have ever seen! Nice job! Nice to meet ya chicky! Stop by my blog when you get a second and lets be friends? Maybe we could follow each other??


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