Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fallin for Fall: Take Two

Okay I've been slacking, I admit but I've just been worn out lately and I wasn't feeling so hot on Monday and Tuesday so here we are a week behind on my promise to share the rest of my Fall creations. I've already shared with you my crafting adventure of turning a book into a pumpkin. The same day I created that I created a couple other Fall decorations for our home. I loved having the time to do that (hooray for no school and no more wedding planning!). Plus I've never really had a chance to decorate my own home for a holiday. My Holiday Flair Pinterest board has me itching for Christmas already...slow down Veronica, slow down. ( I will admit to basically having all our Christmas purchases either planned or already purchased, and I feel good about that, no shame).

Anyway, today: step by step to create a quick and easy DIY for your Fall porch:
(original DIY derived from The Butler's blog)

What you need (for my version):
- fake pumpkin (Hobby Lobby, don't forget your 40% off coupon!)
- white exterior spray paint
- black acrylic paint
- paintbrush
- clear top coat spray paint
- fake berry/fall plant accessory
- black pot (or I used a black cleaning bucket from the Dollar Tree)

I bought a fake pumpkin because I decided if I was going to put this much work into our Fall porch I wanted it to last more than just a year, so I spent a little more on a fake pumpkin but it wasn't hard to find a tall shape that way, and I'll have it for years to come, hopefully. // Step One: Tape off your stem, grab some cardboard and spray that dern pumpkin! I did two coats, with touch ups the third time.
// Step Two: The monogram part. The Butlers, where this craft originated, used a far more extensive process for this part but I've got a smaller attention span and a whole ton less patience sooo I went the quicker route: I typed our letter onto the computer on Word and played around with fonts until I found one I liked. //Step Three: Sketch your letter onto the pumpkin using a soft leaded pencil, or get right to it and with a little bit of paint sketch out your letter.
 //Step Four: Keep shaping the letter with the paint. Best thing about paint, as my mom always said, you can always fix it. So if you've painted a little outside your letter just round it out more, make it work. Also, since you used an outdoor white spray paint you're able to to wipe off the black acrylic and keep going. Eventually, step back a foot or two from your project. Don't be too nit-picky.

 Now to put together the whole set up together! //Step Five: Find a way to fill your pot, or in my case bucket,...I used some cardboard we had from a recent you can prop your pumpkin on top and it doesn't sink down too far. I suppose you could also turn your pot over.
So I don't know exactly how the Butlers went about this part but this was my version.//Step Six: I taped down the fake plant berries I bought and called it done. With a little more rolled up tape on top of that I plopped the pumpkin down on top of the assortment of plants and cardboard. I'm sure there's a better way to do this, probably a prettier way too but this was my cheap, use-what-I-had decision.

Once outside, I accessorized with a few more pots and a couple other fake pumpkins from Hobby Lobby. I'm loving the way it all turned out. Our porch is all sweet and homey now. No more random collection of pots and bricks!

I'm so happy with this little craft experience. Many thanks to all of you for inspiring me...oh and of course pinterest for collecting all the ideas into one place. I've loved looking at some of the beautiful Fall creations some of yall have accomplished.

Ps: Nashville premiered last night, anyone else jumping on that show? I can't decide if I like it...


  1. I couldn't decide if I like Nashville yet or not either.

    I love this pumpkin! Looks like it was pretty easy to do!

  2. SO cute!! I love anything involving pumpkins, monograms & spray paint! Ha!


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