Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Budget & The Tips

Sometime during college I realized that if/when my wedding were to happen it would probably be up to myself and whomever the groom might be to pay for it. Thus I opened a savings account tied to my checking and started saving. I put away parts of my paychecks, saved around $25 monthly, and anytime any sort of monetary gift was given to me ( like on holidays) the savings account it went.

Before my husband and I even started dating, I had a decent chunk of money put aside. As we started talking marriage, I increased my savings as much as possible. My mother volunteered to help put a couple bucks aside for us, my grandmother offered to pay for my gown, and my now in-laws offered to pay for the rehearsal dinner(later surprised us by paying for the cake too) all incredible and unexpected blessings that I don't know what we would have done without! However, the bulk of the wedding was still on us. I once read a blog post by a blogger who wondered if it was odd to start saving before your engaged. My answer: absolutely not. It's an important day, and if you think you're headed that direction soonish why not?

Altogether, we spent around $7000.

Through this post, I'll share with you where our dollars went, our tips: how we saved, and tips/tricks you may have read that really won't help your budget. And I'll forewarn you, this is a length and wordy post. Sorry.

Budget Break Down: 
Please note that while we kept a pretty detailed track of our spending some of this is not exact and rough estimates. It does include items that we were helped with like the rehearsal dinner and gown etc.

Photographer Wedding....................$1100.00
Photographer Engagement..............$150.00
Food Cake......................................$275.00
Food Popcorn.................................$390.00 < includes our flavor shakers, and toppings
Food Drinks....................................$13.36
Food Rehearsal Dinner...................$400.00
Attire Bride......................................$1076.64 < includes dress, alterations, jewelry, shoes, undergarments, veil, etc
Attire Groom...................................$76.00<includes shirt, tie, vest and shoes
Attire Hair/Nails..............................$100.00< I splurged and got a special nail treatment, totally worth it. Hair= $40
Stationary Invites/Signs/etc..............$370.00
The Rings.........................................$450.79
Gifts Wedding Party........................$186.65
Guest Favors...................................$234.23
Decor..............................................$510.00 <included tablecloths, pretty decor, confetti, etc
Officiant & Pre-Marital Counseling...$200.00
Wedding Certificate..........................$5.00
Bridal Brunch....................................$25.00
Wedding Party Dinner......................$60.00

GRAND TOTAL: $7,147.67

Now read below to see how we did it! See something you want to know more about? Just shoot me an email, I'm happy to share. The way I see it, I wouldn't have been able to do this all without the help of a lovely friend so I'd love to pay it forward in anyway I can

Our Tips:

  • My gown ...Finding your gown is going to be different for everyone. In my experience, David's Bridal like stores just wasn't working for me. I ended up at a small boutique and walked away with a designer gown for $ Right away I told the lady that I had no more than $600 to spend on the dress and that I also was going to have to ship it. She kept to that, not only did she keep to that but she knocked down the price. And I got incredible service. If you're in the Tampa area, I have the BEST Bridal shop to recommend.
  • Food: You don't have to serve everyone a full course meal. Have your wedding late and offer a snack item like our popcorn. It was a hit and no one complained that they were hungry still. And as far as drinks go, go simple! We served water and pink lemonade.
  • Photographer: Pictures are one of my favorite things, if you've followed this blog for any length of time, you've probably seen that to be true. I wanted amazing wedding pictures as much as anyone else, but I didn't have the budget for the world famous xyz photographer. Be willing to give a new photographer a chance. Birds&Coffee hadn't done a wedding before ours, and our photos were marvelous! Plus we got three photographers for a phenomenal price!
  • His Attire: The traditional wedding tux has come a long way and the recent trend is to do whatever you want. For us that meant the men wore suits. Not only that, but each groom/usher chose/worte their own suits, not rented...something I never read nor seen, though I'm sure it exists somewhere. This saved us a lot because Kevin already owned a suit, and it saved some of our groomsmen $$ because they too already owned a black suit, and if they didn't, well every guy needs a black suit so it was money well spent for their future instead of a one night affair. Items we knew had to match like the ties and shirts, we went to Al's Formal Wear, easy inexpensive one stop shop! And for shoes, we found those at a consignment shop for $30!
  • Design yourself: Listen, I may have studied interior design in school but that doesn't mean I'm a graphic artist (those people have true talent) but if you need to shave off some dollars, be willing to scavenge the internet and design something yourself. Easily done on Photoshop but even if you don't have that program, Microsoft Publisher is an easy to use program. Another trick? A friend of mine made her invitations from a kit from Michael's, I was amazed at how lovely and yet completely personal they were. Those kits have come a long way. 
  • Printing/Mailing: If you live near a university, chances are they have their own printing services which will be a heck of a lot cheaper than going to kinkos/fedex office. OR check out places like VistaPrint, an online printing source. And always hit up Groupon and Living Social for deals.
  • Alterations: Do a little searching. Most often, bridal salons are going to charge more for their services. Since I purchased my gown in Florida but lived in Oklahoma, I was forced to find someone to alter my gown somewhere other than the salon. I made a few phone calls and stumbled upon a lady who used to work for a salon but now worked out of her home. A salon quoted me $500 for my alterations, this lady charged me $240 (and she steamed me gown before the day).
  • Living Social, Groupon, online coupon codes, etc: Utilize. Utilize. Utilize. That's all.
  • Transportation: Pass on the limo. I know it's your wedding day and it seems like everyone who's anyone will have one on their big day but in the grand scheme of it all, it's pretty unnecessary. We opted to borrow our friends car to leave in (since we both have/had pretty rank old red cars). We drove her decked just married suv over the nearby hospital parking lot, hopped out, read everything, and then got in our car and left.
  • Venue: Are you an active member in your church? Often members get a discounted price.
  • Hair/Nails: Call around, I guarantee you there are a plethora of these salons around your town. Call, call, call. I got all kinds of estimates and in the end ended up with a great price and fabulous service!
  • Flowers: real vs fake, your call. In my quotes, I wouldn't have really saved anything by going the fake route so I went real. I made sure my florist new I was on a tight budget and she came through for me. You don't have to compromise your favorite flowers on your wedding day. You can make real flowers work if you want. Also re-use! For example, my bridesmaids popped their bouquets in vases once we got the the reception.
  • Rings: I already talked about this on Wedding Wednesday Ring Posts, but I chose an anniversary band for my wedding band and ended up saving around $300, Kevin chose to get a ring from James Avery that was sterling silver so we saved a good chunk there too.
  • Gifts: DIY it folks! It doesn't have to be diamond earrings or a pearl necklace, check out my bridesmaids gifts post about what we did.
  • Guest Favors: Hit up popular sites for parties like OrientalExpress or LogoProducts. We ended purchasing 250 color changing cups with my personal design on them for less than a $1 each!
  • Tablecloths: Did you know it's actually cheaper to buy your tablecloths than to rent them? Yep it is. I bought mine online with a coupon code for about $7/each from Linens&Things and successfully sold them afterward. Check out Craig's List too. Word from wise: Iron those suckers before the day before the wedding :)
  • Wedding Party Food: For the bridal brunch I snagged some OJ, fruit and muffins from Sams and had the ladies at my house for a simple brunch. We wanted to provide some sort of dinner for our wedding party and the ladies had Subway and the men had Chik-fil-A. Easy, relatively inexpensive and made everyone happy.
  • Rehearsal Dinner: This doesn't have to be fancy, I've seen several BBQ dinners and I even thought of a picnic. We ended up choosing a local pizza joint and everyone loved it!

Tips/Tricks That Won't Help/Didn't Work:

  • I once read in a magazine to have your baker decorate a faux cake to save you some dollars. False. In most scenarios, the decor of your cake is what costs the most, the actual cake part is fairly cheap.
  • Make your own cake/food for the wedding: bad idea. You don't need that added stress on your big day, and maybe that's just my opinion but sometimes paying for a service like that is worth it. We thought about making our own popcorn but as I even just began to try and figure that out I got overwhelmed. Not worth it.
  •  Buy wedding attire online: Nothing comes to your door from online as it appears on your screen. Colors on monitors are different, it's hard to tell shapes/sizes, etc. For those of you who are pro online shoppers well then go for it. But if you're trying to save $$ by finding the grooms ties online with your obscure wedding color( idk let's say coral), I wouldn't go there. We tried and orange ties showed up on our door step.
  • Ipod vs DJ: We saved money in not hiring a DJ but this is one area I wished we would have done a little differently. I think our crowd would have gotten more into the dancing with a DJ there rather than playing our playlist through the speakers. But that's my own experience.

Altogether, I'd say the best place we spent our money was on our pianist and photographer.

-As I was told many, many times: the most important part of your day is that at the end of it, you're married to your best friend.
-No one really remembers all those tiny precious details you worked so hard on...before undertaking a big project for something fairly minuscule, think about how worth it, it really is.
-I know you want it to be perfect but do yourself a favor, take a deep breath and let go. Asking people for help is worth it. Those photobooth props don't have to be all the same, and your centerpieces...people will live if one table is just a little different that the other. Be willing to ask for help! When I finally realized this, I was able to chill out so much more.
-MY WORD TO THE {NEWLY} WIFE: When all is said and done, and the day has passed. Stop thinking about all the things you wished you'd done differently/etc...don't have post wedding stress, it's just not cool...sleepless nights over your pictures aren't worth it...I guarantee you'll get some beautiful ones...only think about the blessed moments of the day...embrace the newness of your new title, wife. Smile.

*Check out two other bloggers who've posted about their budgets: The Charming & Mr&MrsWinslett

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Love.

I'm a hopeless romantic and it's no secret. The entirety of my youth was filled with young adult romance fiction. Mostly I blame Disney and Jane Austen...I've read Pride and Prejudice at least three times. Romantic comedies in the film realm? Yep those didn't help either. When everyone else was quoting movies like Pirates of the Caribbean (okay yes I love that one too) or Napoleon Dynamite (bad.) or even The Incredibles (yes that's a love too)...I was quoting Notting Hill as my favorite movie. Oh Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant...."Indefinitely"...I bet you I can quote most of that movie.

Anyway, point is I am and always have been and always will be a hopeless romantic through and through. Which basically meant whomever ended up marrying me was in for it.

Thankfully, God brought me the most romantic man I know. Yes, yes here comes all the mushy gushyness now. He constantly is surprising me in the most special ways. Best part? A lot of times it comes when there's nothing big to celebrate, just celebrating being in love and having the privilege of being married to each other.

So yesterday, I came home to this:

You can't tell what this is? Oh well, this is floating love notes, T. Swift themed! 
a beautiful bouquet of flowers
a very yummy dinner finishing up.

Yep, that's right. Fall over. Cry if you want. Be amazed. Cause this man? Yep, he's mine. Mine all mine.   I get to love him for the rest of time (yes I did just make a rhyme on purpose). He wins best husband of   forever and always award. I'm so honored to be his bride. 

We also took a hint from Newlywed Moments and learned this crazy new dance out there right now....Gangnam Style? Who understands this phenomenon? 

And that's all I have for you today bloggers, whatever I had planned for today went out the window when I walked in the door last night. This blog is where I'm recording our life, and there's no way I could just let this moment pass by without commemorating it bloggy style.

Love you Husband! You make this life so special every day!

Monday, October 29, 2012

What Are You Doing Next Summer?

Welcome to the final week of October friends! Can you believe it's already ending? I'm just in shock. I mean where did it go? In this month, Kevin and I celebrated four months of marriage, an 80th birthday with his grandma, my bestie's 23rd birthday, OU/TX weekend, 100 of you deciding to read this (I'm still amazed!) and my little blog makeover. I've shared about Fall DIYs (here and here) and even a recipe perfect for cooler weather. But the beginning of a new month always brings joyous times. November will bring a new baby, 5 months of marriage, OCC (more coming soon), Thanksgiving, a wedding, and who knows what else. I've got some creative posts planned too.

As months continue to speed ahead, you know what else will be here before you know it? SUMMER 2013! Okay don't check out just yet, I know I'm freaking some of yall out, but I have such an awesome opportunity waiting for you. Keep reading, pretty please?

Not too long ago, I shared with you all a company that seriously has a piece of my husband's and I's heart. That is StudentLife. I shared on my own blog, my little synopsis of StudentLife here and you can find out even more about the company and it's story here. Throughout July I shared bits and pieces of our experience as Kevin and I were offered to work for a special 2 week set of camps. There's basically a little recap under all of July's posts so if you're up for it, go search for it ( I know, I know, those of you who've followed a while know that I never did post much about the second week of camp, let's just settle with the photo bomb at the end of this post as that).

Working for this company is a tremendous, beautiful, life changing opportunity. It might seem hard to give up a whole summer but what you'll gain through it is loads better than whatever else you might end up doing. For those of you still in college, or maybe you're a teacher and you have summer off, working for StudentLife could be your Summer 2013. If you've never felt your heart overwhelmed by seeing God's glory overtake a room of students, then you're life is lacking this miraculous moment!

From my post:
     As a college student, I can't think of many other better ways to spend your summer. I mean you get to work for God, that's stinkin awesome, you get to meet a group of other college students/young adults who share your beliefs- you can never have too much Godly fellowship, you get to touch students lives for Christ- nothing in the world is better than that, you get to see students lives transformed-walking from death to life with Christ-truly nothing NOTHING better, you get to meet world known Godly and talented speakers and bands,  you get to travel the US a little, you aren't stuck out in the wilderness without access to your phone/computer and you actually get paid  pretty good for it too! 

Soo by now you're thinking, okay okay I get it, it's awesome, you loved it, but what would I actually do? Well that's another great thing. There's all types of positions for those of you who are outgoing and want to run around all day to those who are organized and would rather be the behind the scenes guy/gal. Find yourself a position on the tech team, the office team, the rec team, the missions team and even the drama team. See all the possible positions here, and you can read about each of them. Have a question about one? I bet if I can't answer it, I can find someone who's held that position and can!

I haven't convinced you yet? Read this post from my past director and read my post from this summer.
Ready to give it a shot? Check out the application here.***
Want to know where teams are traveling this year? Check out all the awesome locations here.
Want to know about the different types of camp? StudentLife has a missions, regular, beach, and serve camp, read about how each of them work here.
Maybe you don't have a summer to give but you have a whole year to give? Sometimes they're looking for full time (year round) positions, so check out their site and see what's open.

If you're interested about changing lives for Christ.
 This is the place for you.
If you want to get to know Godly men and women and experience a little of heaven on earth. 
This is the place for you. 
If you have a heart to serve the Lord with every ounce of your energy, soul, mind.
This is the place for you.
If you want to serve but don't know how or feel you're not equipped.
This is still the place for you.
Go for it!
Be a part of the legacy that is StudentLife

StudentLife@Daytona is beach camp. It's different from regular camp because you only get to interact with students when they're at morning celebration and worship. It's less interaction with students than regular camp but it's amazing nonetheless.

StudentLife@Atlanta, GA is an UrbanServe camp which was a new experience for StudentLife this past year. It's sort of closer to regular camp but instead of rec and morning celebration, students head out to mission sites and serve the city. It's amazing. As staff, we get to go and join them on sites which literally almost made me cry on the second day at a summer daycare.

Some of the friendships you make in this experience last a lifetime. One of Kevin's friends was one of his groomsmen. And one of the sweet ladies we met this summer got to hang out with us when we were in Dallas a week ago. Just get ready for overall life change, from the way you encounter God, to the friendships you will gain and the students lives you'll forever change!

*Applications are due by January 31, 2013. You can fill them out online or send in via mail.
**Want a recommendation letter from a past StudentLife worker? Let's talk and I'll see if I can help you out with that.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sister Sundays

It's Sunday and I'm blogging...whoa! What's that about? Today I'm linking up with Rustic Love for Sister Sundays Blog Hop. If you've never been apart of this fabulous little blog hop then you've been missing out. I've met some lovely ladies through this blog hop and I'm grateful for the times I've been able to join in. So I hope you join in!

This weekend, I've been a busy little homemaker. I did some tidying up around our home, met the hubby for lunch on campus yesterday (he works Saturdays) and hand washed some clothes etc. I've also finally accomplished a special treat for my husband! Guess the third times the charm...check back later this week for the best recipe for that special treat.

Our Sooners may not have won but I still love the beautiful University of Oklahoma:

ESPN GameDay on our campus!

Passion, Pink and Pearls has a lot in store this week, check back tomorrow for something near and dear to my heart, and the rest of this week for some other great posts!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Farmers Dating+Pinterest Bible+Funnies

Have you read Jon Acuff's Stuff Christians Like blog? Well you've been seriously missing out. Last week, he posted this post entitled, The Pinterest Bible. It is hilarious. Not that, that's out of the ordinary, practically every post he writes usually leaves me rolling on the floor laughing like a wild hyena.

Well anyway, I couldn't let that go, just had to share. Onto Friday's Letters!

Dear Jon Acuff, Someone on pinterest posted the above....and underneath said, Bible. Hhmm....

Dear Taylor Swift, kudos on your new CD! My friends and I have already discussed each song in full detail, I actually purchased the CD,instead of off itunes, for the first time from Target and insisted my husband listen to every single one. Stay, Stay, Stay is my favorite.

Dear Friends, I know what you did last summer (cue creepy music, don't get that reference? Look it up) so whatcha going to do this summer? I've got an idea coming for you soon! Stay tuned.

Dear Pinterest, my Holiday Flair board on you is filling up with more Christmas items...and it's not even Halloween yet! Please take a chill pill on all the Christmasy stuff  so I can enjoy the moment. You're as bad a Hobby Lobby. Besides, I need to focus on my Thanksgiving dinner for my husband first.
We made these little guys last Thanksgiving together
Dear Blogger Swappers, Several of you emailed me back about wanting to swap. I'm sooo excited! I've got the traditional sizes under wraps so I'll be able to get them up soon!

Dear Along the way with Rae, I attempted your better bun this week. First go around wasn't exactly perfect but I think I'm going to like your better bun idea from your friend. Thanks for the tutorial video!

Dear Cold Weather, wow you're here! It's incredible! For a while Id been complaining that I can't wear my cute fall clothes...and now you're here and I miss the warmness of the sun...what can I say, hard to please....guess I'll pull my coats out now.

Dear God, mmm how good you are! Thanks for overwhelming my heart this week with your all commanding love and power. Watching students worship on Tuesdays is one of the best parts of my week. Thanks for giving me a place to serve. Help me to seek after you daily, to trust you more and more and to be bold for you Name.

Dear CoWorkers, yall are the best! I love working with you! I think our brains have morphed together into one because our matching outfits is kind of out of does this happen? Ps: Caroline, you're an awesome intern! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Dear University of Oklahoma, I'll preface this by saying, I LOVE OUT FOOTBALL, like seriously I do, but all the talk this weekend plus crazyness occurring on campus is a bit much wouldn't ya say? ESPN brought semis onto the South Oval! What the what?! Then again, what the heck BOOMER SOONER! BRING IT ON ND!
Dear Blog, you and I had a much more interesting post than Friday's Letters for today but I forgot to write it down and so we're linking up again. Sorry about that little blog, I know you like it when I think on my own accord a little more and come up with something creative. I've got some good ones stored up for next week! And don't worry, this time I wrote them down.

Dear Air Travel, Why are you so stinkin' expensive? I need to find a decent price to be able to travel to Florida and see my family...must you make this so difficult? Really, $800 for like 3-4 days? Geesh!

Dear Bloggy Friends, thanks for reading, I'm astonished you do! I don't think my words are all that great, mostly I laugh at myself through these...maybe you do too. ps: check this out, someone in my neighborhood made this out of a pallet! PIN THAT!

Dear Rustic Love, your post this week with all the pictures of the animals running/jumping/leaping was great! I laughed and my husband enjoyed it too.

Dear White Labrador puppy, where you be little thing? I am trying to convince the husband you are needed now. However, it's not a very convincing argument when most your type cost a lot (see Air Travel letter). Please make yourself free and available sometime you know in the next few months, k?

Dear Farmers, do you really use this site? Have you seen the commercial? I died...seriously though this didn't look real. Dear Bloggers, feedback please! Anyone seen this commercial?? and sorry if you're a farmer...perhaps you'll want to check the site out, they do offer "1,000s of down to earth country folk" (ps: Dear Sar, you should write up something about this online dating!)
City folks just don't get it!
Dear October, umm where did you go? I mean I thought I just turned my calendar to you the other day...I'm so confused and lost. I guess I can't complain because with the ending of you comes my co-worker's new baby, celebrating 5 months of marriage with my hubby, and see next letter

Dear Birthday, you are less than 2 months away! 41 days to be exact...want further specifics? check out the widget...(yes I did just do that. Perhaps I'm overly excited?...nope not possible, birthdays are the best!)

Dear Journey Church, thank you for giving Kevin and I such a fabulous community of believers. We are excited about the grand plans you have. I'm especially excited to see how Loveworks changes over the next year. I've loved getting to watch our church grow.

Dear Husband, you're amazing for loving me. Thanks for serving us this week, for serving our church this week and for being a cheerful man everyday. Long days at work are made better getting to come home to your hugs and kisses. Love you forever and always! You'll always be my best friend.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Minute White Chili

Not long ago I'd make a long trip home to Florida on college breaks to spend time with my mom and sisters. And like nearly all college students, I'd come home dying for some home cooked meals...something better than the box meals, PB&Js, and mac-n-cheese. You know, basically craving food, real food. My mom would prepare weeks in advance for me... planning out every night to be an exquisite home creation. Ha! False. Does any mom really do that? Usually I knew I had about one really good planned meal waiting for me, and the others would be good, planned or not.

On one of those unplanned nights, we were itching for something warm and filling like soup but thick and meaty like a gumbo. So my mom, out of nowhere, whipped together this Last Minute White Chili that I teased yall about on Tuesday. It was delicious! An instant love! And lucky for you, I'm sharing it! Now be aware, it's not a quick process. We called it last minute because it came together out of the random things my mom had in her pantry. She keeps lots of random things in stock, I don't. I plan for this meal when I make it. So be aware that this isn't a quick recipe but it's definitely an easy one!

Tasty, thick and warm this stuff hits the spot during the fall. It's one of my husband's favorite things I make. In addition to being a pretty easy recipe, it also makes a TON of in I made it in college once for my dinner night and it served four girls TWICE for an entire week. It's a GREAT dish to make and freeze half of for dinner a few weeks down the road or to share with your pregnant co-worker after she has her baby.

Okay, okay so I've chalked it up enough. You get the gist, make it and fall in love:


1 Frozen turkey breast. 
1 package of Bear Creek Tortilla Soup Mix 
3-4 boxes (32oz) vegetable broth (or chicken broth)
2 cans of great white northern beans
1 can chopped green chilies 
2 cloves minced garlic
1/2  cup chopped celery 
1/2  cup chopped white onion
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1/4 teaspoon cumin 
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
Black pepper/salt fresh ground to taste

Additional Ingredients: the extras

1 cup dry white wine
Splash of tobacco sauce
Bay Leaf
1 cup torn cooked chicken
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Saltine Crackers
Nonfat Plain Yougurt ( a substitute for sour cream)

Handy Kitchen Tools:
A large pot (The average large pot will work but it’ll be filled to the rim)
Soup Ladle
Slap Chop (if you so choose) & good knives
Pan for the Turkey

1.      Prepare the frozen turkey as directed by package. When finished, put to the side to cool.
2.      Prepare the Bear Creek Tortilla Soup Mix, substituting the broth in place of water as the package directed, in the large
3.      Chop the onion, celery, and garlic ( I like to use the Slap Chop: don’t use it for the garlic though), the remaining broth,
4.      Warm the stove top to low and in a small pan mix together the onion, celery, garlic and olive oil. Let cook for a few minutes ( about 10 minutes)
5.      In the pot with the soup mix, slowly mix in the can of chilies, the beans (drain them first), the ingredients from step 4, (and the extras like the white wine, tobacco sauce, chicken, and bay leaf).
6.      With the turkey cooled, tear into small pieces and drop into the big pot.
7.      Add cumin, salt/peper, and mix it all together
8.      Top with chopped cilantro.
9.      Let the whole thing simmer for about 45 minutes
10. Pull out the bay leaf (if used)
11.  Use the ladle to serve the chili into individual bowls.
12. Top with cheddar cheese, crushed saltine crackers and a dollop of the yogurt(or sour cream)and top with cilantro to prettify each serving(if desired)
13. Let cool and enjoy!
Sorry don't expect exceptional food photography skills out of me...this is as good as it gets, with my phone nonetheless.
So there you have it, the first real food post from me where I share a real recipe. Sorry I'm not a fabulous food photographer and I'm definitely not good at documenting the process in picture but the important part is here: the recipe! My picture doesn't serve it justice. Just believe my words, it's fantastic!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Signs

Thank goodness for Photoshop  In studying interior design in college, we used Photoshop often for presentations/etc. Having that prior knowledge was tremendously helpful in trying to create signs for the wedding. From invitations to photobooth fun signs, I did it all on Photoshop.

Today, I'm sharing all the signs that you would have seen around our wedding. If you find yourself interested in any of the signs, I'm more than willing to send the photoshop files to anyone who wants them! Shoot me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

 The following were the signs I put in frames at different stations I created:

A large sign up in the reception room
This is what was printed on our give away color changing cups.

The following were available at the photobooth:

The following were our program slides:

A large sign up in the reception room
This was behind our popcorn bar. I'm pretty proud of my little rhyme as cheesy as it may be.

Next week, tune in for the Wedding Budget! We did our best to stay on a tight budget as we mostly paid for the wedding ourselves. 
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