Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Rings

Ring shots can be so much fun and I just love seeing all the different shots that photographers capture. We got some great ones of my engagement ring at our engagement pictures shoot and today I'm sharing some of Anna's wonderful talent in capturing our wedding rings.

Are you struggling finding a wedding band that's appropriate for your engagement ring and budget? Check out the anniversary bands, they tend to be a better price and I just love some of the detail you can find in them! And for the men, James Avery is pretty reasonable.

What was your favorite ring shot that your photographer captured?

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  1. Oooh, I love these photos. I especially adore the one with the book pages folded into a heart.

    Stopping by from WW link party to say hi.

  2. Great tip! and awesome photos! I actually got a ring "enhancer" as my wedding bands, since my custom engagement ring was a little hard to fit. Now I have thin diamonds on both sides of my big diamond and love it! The only hard part was not wearing my ring for 4 weeks before the wedding, after the soldered them together.
    Adorable blog!

  3. These are lovely photos and your blog name is adorable!

    Stopping by from the WW link party :)

  4. Gorgeous pics! I love all the ring shots!!

    I nominated you for a blog award! :)

  5. I have been looking for wedding rings in Tampa FL for a little while now. I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out which one is right for my wife. I think I should just start looking for a specific style, stone, and band. However, I have no idea what the right thing to look for is. Can someone please help me?

  6. I love the second shot of the rings with the Bible. You can clearly see the righting inside of the band :) One thing to remember about maintaining the quality of your bands is to simply clean them with equal parts of ammonia and water. There also ammonia based commercial jewelry cleaning solutions you can purchase in the market. If your wedding band has pearls or gems set into the ring, it would be best to check with your jeweler first before cleaning the ring.

    Bridget Rossi

  7. Very nice and amazing blog. Thanks for sharing such a great blog....Custom Engagement Rings

  8. What did you engrave on your wedding rings? Usually, couples decide to put their names on it. Well, in our case, my husband and I decided to engrave “Always & Forever” on our rings, including our wedding date. Try thinking of great ideas to personalize your own wedding bands, too. Maybe your favorite quote from your favorite film?

  9. The second picture definitely brought out the beauty of your rings. Using the flowers as a background was indeed a good way of emphasizing the rings. And the sixth picture is truly a classic when it comes to romantic photography. By the way, congratulations on your wedding! :)

    Kimmy  Barnes

  10. That's a fantastic wedding rings! I like the silver color of it and with the diamond that sparkles! This is really beautiful collection , great choice man..
    wedding bands

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