Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Details

Whew after loading up all those wedding pictures, I have decided to stick to Wedding Wednesday for the final things I'd like to share about our wedding. If you missed the big wedding posts, check out the right sidebar...they all begin with Forever and Always.

Our Wedding Venue was our home church, Journey Church in Norman, OK
Today, I'm sharing about the details of our big day. While you caught some of them on the Wedding DIY post, here you'll see a couple more and much better pictures of them all thanks to Anna.

 My sweet friend and lovely bridesmaid hand stitched these little details for the back of Kevin's tie and the tooling of my dress. Of course, this idea came from a pin on pinterest but for us it meant so much more that one of our friends made it for us.

Our ceremony decor was quite minimal. I struggled with how to decorate such a large space on such a small budget. My mother volunteered to make these beautiful ball decor for the aisle. We changed the colors on the background to match our wedding decor and during the ceremony we displayed an edited engagement photo as our backdrop. In the end, I was quite happy with the way it all turned out. 

As guests entered they were greeted by a bouquet and a platter Kevin and I painted ourselves at a pottery art place. In lieu of a guest book, we made a guest platter for everyone to sign. We love it!


In an effort to save on our printing budget, I designed the program on screen slides. The program alternated back and forth and between pictures. The design matched the invitations and no one went home with a pretty program they'll probably just toss. :)

Our popcorn bar was a super hit! Guests loaded their personalized popcorn bars with all popcorn flavors, toppings and flavor sprinkles. The popcorn bar was definitely one of my favorite parts of the wedding. The wedding DIY post shows how we created our personalized popcorn boxes too.

Cake and cupakes! In our research, we found that cupcakes while being super cute are also more affordable but we didn't want to part with a traditional wedding cake either. So we did a medium sized cake and several cupcake flavors ranging from pink lemonade, to strawberry. Our wedding cake was given a sunset look as well to go with our colors and accented with a pearl trim. The groom's cake, of course was none other than a penguin, Kevin's favorite animal. His red bow tie represents OU. Many thanks to Althea's Vault for all the deliciousness! We ended up with some leftover cake but all the cupcakes were gone in heartbeat! Glad I had our coordinator sneak away with a couple for us to eat later.

Here you can see our centerpieces and general table layout. Centerpieces were so hard for me. They were the last part I left to do and I was just feeling creativity stumped. In the end my mommy, and wedding coordinator helped me come up with something that was simple, accented our colors and was very much all our own. I used various glass vases filled them part of the way with white sand and added orange and yellow candles, which sat on top of satin coral table runners (handcut and ironed by my mommy) and topped it off with a white frame with a picture of Kevin and I. Worked perfectly.

I wanted to give our guests a little something to do while in our reception. So I created several stations and it was so fun to get to see everyone looking and participating. The above shows our memory stations and below you can see a few others. Check out the wedding DIY posts for info on the frames, cups and other details.

So there you go, catch the rest of our details here. Other personal details are sprinkled throughout the wedding posts like using my favorite song from Pride and Prejudice for the walk down the aisle, or how my fellow phi lamb alumn played the piano for our ceremony, or a friend from church sang and played guitar as people were seated, or etc etc. So check out the right side and check them out.

And tune in next week for detail pictures of our rings. 

What are you some of your favorite wedding details? I'd love to hear about your weddings!

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  1. Poppin' in from Wonderful Wednesday ;)

    Everything looks beautiful, I love all the personal touches.

  2. I love all of these little details Veronica! The weddings that include those personal touches are always my favorite, and you definitely had so many things that were meaningful to both of you. You did such a beautiful job my dear!

    Thanks so much for linking up today!


  3. Beautiful wedding details!! The popcorn bar - genius!!

    Newest follower via the hop!!

    Have a great day!

  4. What a beautiful wedding! I love the platter that you did instead of doing a traditional guestbook! What a fabulous idea. :) I'm loving the book encouraging guests to write down their stories & share photos after the wedding! So many amazing ideas. Congrats. Loooove the color scheme! )


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