Thursday, September 6, 2012

Committing to Forever & Always: The Ceremony

As Dawn, from Pride and Prejudice began to play, I knew the moment when the doors would open and my parents and I would begin to walk was literally seconds away. How could I begin to describe that moment? Exciting, crazy, nerve racking, thrilled...Here's a glimpse into our ceremony.

Play this piece as your scroll through our pictures to get the full experience.

Our ceremony was very personal, we twisted traditions to create a flow and arrangement all our own. I used Dawn for everyone to walk down the aisle to. I love instrumental music and I've always adored this opening song from Pride and Prejudice, plus what better movie to pull music from than my favorite novel? AND a sweet friend of mine was willing to play it for us on the piano, LIVE! I was thrilled needless to say. I love my dad but felt my mom was the one who raised most so I had them both walk me down the aisle. Kevin walked down the aisle with his parents as well. The groomsmen walked the aisle, which is uncommon as they usually just enter from the side. We did do the traditional candle lighting but had our lovely pianist play God Gave Me You during such. Our college pastor led our ceremony, which we loved as he made it so special and also threw in some humor for us, perfect. Finally, we danced out of the ceremony to one of our favorites, I do!

One of my favorites of my  mil and fil and us on stage
Many thanks to Anna for photographing, Emma Gee for playing the music and Adam Barnett for making us officially husband and wife!

Tomorrow: The party!

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  1. Awww! Beautiful ceremony. And the music you picked out was great too!


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