Friday, September 7, 2012

Celebrating Our Forever & Always: The Reception

Geesh these wedding pictures take forever to upload!! Today here are a handful of the pictures from our reception...I know it's a lot but goodness it's hard to narrow down!

After family picture post ceremony, we just couldn't wait to get to our reception. It was such a joyous time to see so many of our family and friends, we truly adored it. As stated int the DIY post, we had all kinds of stations set up, the signature tray, the memory booth, the photobooth, the kids table, the family book, advice cards, course cake and cupcakes, AND a popcorn favorite party. I loved seeing how it all turned out and how our guests enjoyed it. 

My house ladies

My phi lamb big and little, and the best man (ie my little's boyfriend and kev's best friend) (in other fun news:my big is having a baby soon! 

Meet my childrens, and by my I really mean those two beautiful ladies in the picture with me kids whom they graciously allow me to care for at church,. Love this cuties!

And then just like that, it was over...all the planning, the 9 months of organizing, saving, calling people, researching and the wonderful day had come and gone. It was lovely, beautiful and we had a blast. Wish I could go back to that day all the time!

What was your favorite part of your day?

Many thanks to Anna for photographing

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