Monday, September 17, 2012


TODAY is my 100th post! Wow! Time sure has flown by!

With all the wedding posts, I've not really shared what else has been going on in our little life. We've had some big changes, well big to us. And no, sorry it's not a baby...that can wait a good 6-8 years.

Do any of you remember the car story? That was quite a fiasco...what I didn't tell you was even after ALL that, the very next day my car acted up again and ultimately landed himself in our apartment parking lot... batteryless and alternatorless. And there he sat for many a days. I caught rides to work and home from gracious friends, and Kevin drove his car. And we researched cars.

Then I found Eleanor online, and well she changed my life! Everyone meet Eleanor:
Getting the keys at the dealership!
New car meets old car, bye bye oldsie

When the papers were signed and we got the keys (seriously, buying a car at a dealership takes WAY too long), Kevin walked me over to the passenger side and said, "Veronica, I want to show you something, look there's no zip ties holding down the glove box!" oh how I jumped for joy! In fact not only does Eleanor's glove box stays down by itself, but her hood isn't bent in from an old lady hitting a deer, there's no dent in her side from an ex riding up against a car, her windshield wiper fluid container isn't cracked, there isn't a scratch on the hood from my mom's old suburbain back door, there's actually a CD player (and a casette so I can still use my handy hook up to my phone), and it's a 2003!!! That's right, Eleanor is only 11 years old versus my lovely nearly 19 year old car.

Farewell Cutless Supreme, thank you for your years of service but I shan't miss you. Please treat my apartment facilities guy well.

Another big piece of news for us: my husband can finally see!! Sometime last year Kevin started making comments that made me question his supposedly 20/20 vision. Now that he finally has vision insurance via his benefits package (hooray for full time jobs with insurance!), I insisted we take a trip to get his ole man eyes checked out and what-do-you-know?! The boy needed glasses this whole time! It was fun to select what style, and I'm loving how handsome he looks in his new specs. They were ready on Friday and hearing how many things he could see was both so sweet and also sad that he hadn't seen it all before. Check my man out:

On putting on his glasses for the first time, husband said, "oh man I can see our pictures on the wall! It's like HD! Even watching tv is better!"

AND I ran my first 5K this past weekend! It was a very misty, dreary morning but we Sooners run in rain and shine! My goal was to make it in 30 minutes and I beat that goal by a mere 6 seconds!! Many thanks to my superb trainer. My friend, Patrick, encouraged me this past semester when I was in a fitness class to push harder in running. He taught me how to stretch better and he helped me reach a mile, then two miles and now 3.1 in the 5K this weekend. I wouldn't have beat my time if he hadn't come back and run along side me coaching me to keep going. And of course, many thanks to my sweet husband for his encouragement every day, for running with me each week, and for believing in me. Missed you on the run, wish you didn't work Saturdays sometimes.
running in style
Soon after crossing the finish line with Patrick! Looking pretty worn out...

This weekend was pretty full with my 5K in the morning on Saturday, and scrapbooking with a girlfriend in the afternoon. I don't even think I can begin to explain how totally and completely happy it makes me to finally get back into it! HOORAY! We attended a lovely wedding on Saturday night, Ellen was a fellow phi lamb with me, and it was so great to witness her beautiful day. She was a stunning bride and we just had an absolutely blast on her and Blaine's special day! Sunday was mostly spent scrapbooking while Kevin and his best man watched football...surprise, surprise. The weekend truly just flew by.
blurry picture of their lovely ceremony
Husband and I at the reception.

What did you do this weekend?

Best after-run activity!


  1. That's great that you got a new car! Mine's 16 yrs. old...and I think that the process of buying a new car is so annoying that I just hope mine lasts forever. But I bet once you actually get a car that's in good shape, that's fun!
    And that's interesting that you only just found out that your husband needs glasses. I got glasses for the first time at 15...I still hate wearing them, so mostly I don't. I know what he means about actually being able to see the pictures on the wall, though.

  2. Awesome post Veronica!! So many cool things happening for you! Kevin's glasses look great! And congrats on your 5K!!!! You're an inspiration to me..I've been wanting to run one for a while.

  3. What a busy weekend! Congrats on the new car.. that is the biggest thing I am working on now.. and congrats on the 5K!! and keep that running up!

  4. I love Tangled! Congrats on the car, that's always super excited and I am jealous that you ran a 5K. I'll get there soon enough too, hopefully. :)

  5. Congrats on the great 5k time! I need to start training - it's on my list for the year!

    And make sure your friend Ellen submits her wedding pic to the Phi Lamb Alumnae Association for the newsletter (and you too if you haven't already!). I'm on the Alumnae Board, so I'm always trying to get more stuff for the newsletter :)

  6. new follower here from the GFC blog hop! love your blog and I am so excited to read more :):) please come check out my blog and follow along if you'd like :D


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