Friday, September 28, 2012

Fri. Letters: Penguins, Sunrises, and a Peacock

Goodness, I'm quite certain the weeks fly by much faster when you're working full time than when you're going to school. I don't want to wish every week away but I sure am glad the weekend has come around again. To commemorate this Friday, some letters:

Dear Facebook,  You convinced me and several others that the other day was National Sibling Day. I'm okay that I bought into it, though because it gave me a chance to reflect on how blessed I am to have two sisters and now a third. Thank you Lord for my sweet family.

 Dear Sunrises, lately you've been gorgeous and overwhelm my heart with the beauty and creativity of our Lord every morning. You've also caused me to be that person taking pictures while she's driving...this gets me several odd looks from other drivers.

Dear Bloggers,  I've so enjoyed all your comments on the Wedding Bloopers post. Thank you for all the love! This was the favorite of them all. I have to admit, this is a pretty great one.

Caption:when my mom hugged me, my veil popped right off, this will be fun to see in the video...but here you can see my aunt saving the day and natalye in the background laughing, jk,
ps: please check out my dad's face too...guess he decided to be an english butler

Dear Wedding Ceremony Video, You sure are fun to watch. We are so honored that you were created by our friend, Kenny. Even though you're still undergoing some edits, I smile the whole time I watch you. Some particularly great moments that I'd never know about without watching you is: my sisters fluffing my dress out so high that I'm quite certain you could see my blue Mrs. Burns thong, my dad fixing the aisle runner, and my youngest sister talking to someone about fixing my gown in the middle of the prayer...thank you for the laughs!

Dear Lounge Space, words cannot explain how incredibly happy I am that you are almost done. I've not shared with this blog the terrors you've put me through but let's just say I won't miss this project ever. I hope students enjoy you.

Dear Amber, my coworker and friend, I hope you had a fabulous birthday yesterday. I am so thankful for your guidance and helping me transition from young and un-knowledgeable intern to full time, able to take on anything, almost, full time staff. Only because of your attention and friendship am I confident that while you're gone having Baby Fletcher 2, I'll survive and in fact, be just fine.

Dear Kayla, I miss you dear best friend. Don't worry about your med school exams because I know our God has you! Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will help  you, I will uphold you with my righteous hand. -Isaiah 41:10 I look forward to a time when we can hang out again. Love you dear! ps: thanks for sharing T-Swift's newest song, I've definitely listening to it like 50 times already.

 Dear Jamie, Your wedding is almost here! Tomorrow you'll put on a stunning dress and you'll be the most beautiful bride! Be sure to take deep breaths and enjoy every moment as much as possible. It flies by all to fast. I  can't wait to see all your hard work. I'm certain it's going to pay off.
ps: thanks for letting us throw you an office wedding shower, Amber and I enjoyed decorating in your colors :)

Dear Husband,  I am looking forward to cuddling and hugs like our penguins here. this weekend. Thank you for taking care of me every day. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for listening to my whining. Thank you for telling me I'm beautiful everyday. Thank you for encouraging me in my crafty endeavors and my work as an interior designer. Marrying you was the best decision ever. Love you forever and always!

Dear Bloggers again,  I've so enjoyed learning more about all of you, gaining new friends through some of your wonderful link-ups and smiling as I read your various blog posts. Thanks for embracing me into your community and following! You're awesome and I'm loving this new outlet. ps: I know I promised to share the end result from this but time got away from me this week, I'll share next week! promise! I'm hoping to share some great photos of Jamie's wedding but that will depend on me being diligent enough to take some, hopefully I do!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Bloopers

Wedding Pictures The Bloopers Edition

...because when someone follows you around with a camera all day she's bound to capture some pretty interesting and funny faces...

nose ichin'
This one if my favorite.

creeper bride
cute man with his eyes close
apparently no one is happy...not even the bride
"let's just kick our feet up in the air like we're dancing"-Brett
Remember when I said my gown had pockets? yeah this is when Kristina and I were seeing if my bouquet would fit in the pocket.

groomsmen chatting it up
when my mom hugged me, my veil popped right off, this will be fun to see in the video...but here you can see my aunt saving the day and natalye in the background laughing, jk,
ps: please check out my dad's face too...guess he decided to be an english butler
almost there...

crazy eyes

yummy icing

Oh yeah, check one picture up, see the sweet cake topper? Well in this picture that lovely cake topper tumbled to the floor and crashed into a thousand pieces...I'm pretty much in love with Alex's reaction in this photo

Then my mom tried to rescue the cake topper and it jumped out of her we are inspecting the death of our cake topper. 

my aunt and dad

looks like I'm trying to get a nice fart out....

 Oh hey! that was fun!

These will make some good laughs with the kids one day....

So far the favorite has been the creeper...what's yalls favorite?

Anyone else have some wedding bloopers? Maybe we should do a link up sometime...

Monday, September 24, 2012

DIYs Lately

In the past few weeks I've been working on a few little projects here and there for my home and in the hustle of uploading wedding pictures I've not really shared any of them. So today I've got a whirlwind DIY post for you.

First up some card making with the help of the CriCut machine. Have you guys used that tool before? Seriously, I am amazed! My little has it, currently borrowed from her sister, and we've just been having a blast with it. My girlfriends and I have enjoyed snail mail over the years so I thought I'd whip up some cute sweet cards and send them with the post man.

One of my friends loves little birds so I went for that theme on her card, and my other friend (who wrote a guest post Friday for yall)  is looking to be a teacher one day so I used some cute apple patterned paper on her card.

Couldn't help myself, had to give the envelope some love on the front
and back...
Secondly, I loved the idea of holding onto our wedding cards. They're pretty, and precious and many include sweet notes inside, I couldn't just get rid of them. Then I stumbled upon Something Turquoise's card album via pinterest and I was sold.

I love how ours turned out but I will say I highly underestimated the number of cards we were given.

I used some leftover paper from the purse project my mom made for the first wedding shower, some ribbon/stickers/etc  in my scrapbook collection, and some cardboard from a package we'd recently received. I don't own a single hole punch but my 3-hole punch worked just as well. I simplified the process from the Something Turquoise step-by-step process but overall theirs is real informative so if you're interested in making your own, I'd check their page out.

I did have to use a small necklace chain instead of a binder ring like in the tutorial...way too many cards. My book doesn't sit up by istelf too well either but at least all the cards are together now and we can flip through them nicely. And looking forward, how fun would this be to make for all events: Christmas, birthday, etc?

Finally, I have had this wood carved piece for a little while now and have been trying to decide what to do with it. Then I came up with this little DIY that could easily be done with just a small piece of painted wood too. It added the perfect little personalization to our front door.
I grabbed some acrylic paint I already had, mixed some colors and got to work free-handing the lettering. The crackle cream base already had a protective coat on it, making it easy to wipe away mistakes and try again. I wrapped a thin border around the edge to pull more color in and also used the blue on the floral applique' to give it just a hint of the color and tie it all together. After it dried, I then used a clear coat spray paint to protect the acrylic.

Added some ribbon that I'd picked up from Hobby Lobby a while ago, with some hot glue, let it dry and hung it up outside. I'm just loving the way it turned out and finally feel like our front door is looking a little more homey.

- On the CriCut don't be afraid to play with scale a little bit. If you cut some out that are too big or small, keep them for another project in the future, You never know what you might be able to use them on.
- I left my cards simple to leave room for a hand written note. Homemade cards don't have to be all glitz and glam, remember that your receive will appreciate your card for your kind words over the card itself.
- Using recycled cardboard on the wedding card project worked pretty well but I back the front and the inside with card stock scrap-booking paper to make it even firmer. You may want to try a thicker piece of cardboard if you have a lot of cards like me.
- When freehand lettering, use a pencil to first mark out, scale, where the lettering will go. And don't be afraid to use lettering on the computer for inspiration or to mimic, you can probably script better than you think just from looking at another font.

DIY overload post over. I know I teased yall yesterday with some Fall projects I worked on this past weekend. I'll be sharing those projects some time soon. 

What are some DIYs yall have worked on?

I've joined in on the Yolo Mondays Link-Up today!
Question for today was, what's your favorite tv show this fall?
Easy answer: Modern Family!
Though I will say I'm curious to see Nashville....
oh and I do enjoy New Girl! 

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