Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wedding DIYs

I promise to share professional pictures soon but for now, I'm going to catch up on some promises. Since we paid for everything ourselves, I got pretty crafty with Goodwill finds and my Photoshop skills. (Would a budget post be something anyone is interested in? We made our wedding special with under $7000.) So here's a little catch-all for a lot of that. I worked hard on my bridesmaids gifts too so check in for those! :)

I designed and our invitations, well everything paper, myself. So you have our Save the Dates, and our Invitations.
I know, not the best picture. You can't read half of it here but you can in real life. But I love the way our invitations turned out! And I was able to use the same design for tons of things for our wedding.
I may have gotten the timeline from a Save the Date card online but I totally changed the concept and made it  into something all our own.

 I also freshened up some metal curly stands...when I bought them they were forest green and had fake, faded flowers wrapped all around them...I didn't have an exact plan for them at first. However, as time went on I just knew they'd be the perfect place to dangle necklaces and fluffy hats for our photobooth. The pink thing in that picture...not sure what it was in its former life but its new life for our wedding was to hold all wedding cards on the gift table. And its current life is to hang from our bulletin board at home and holding mail.
When I add professional pictures (SOON I PROMISE!) you can see them in their full glory, this was just part of the process.

I bought some 25cent frames from Walmart at one time, spray painted those suckers and bam, hideous gold gone, and cute little frames with wedding sayings appeared. I typed up the insides, using my invitation as a guide for style and placed these at our various stations. We had a kids station, a memory station, our favor station, a family station, and of course the photobooth.
cheesy family photo stock...thank you Walmart Sale!

Of course, since we love pictures, I just had to create the ISPY cards all over Pinterest. I liked how the example in that link used a binder clip but since we had so much color at our wedding I wanted to personalize it. So after seeing this tutorial, I thought why not spray I did.
You'll have to excuse my crappy picture taking skills on all of these apartment lighting was not being my friend, besides the fact that probably 90% of these were taken on my phone months ago.

Probably one of my favorite parts of our wedding was our popcorn bar. I racked my head for months trying to decide what kind of food to provide. We didn't have the budget for a full blown dinner, but we didn't like the candy bar idea either ( have you been to a wedding who had one? Sweets overload people! I mean they're beautiful and if you have one I bet you loved it but for us, we wanted to provide something a little more substantial). You'd be surprised how much just appetizer like food can cost ya too...and then one day it came to me, popcorn. So we ran with it. I hadn't heard of it much and still haven't seen it really anywhere but our guests loved it! So anyway, I could go on but this post is about the mini craft projects I tackled. I looked up popcorn flavor shakers on amazon and bought a pack for like $40 bucks. They weren't exactly cute when they arrived...they lacked all wedding coordination colors so I did what any good scrapbooker would and went to my scrap paper bin. Luckily, I had all my wedding colors, I cut them down, wrapped them around, dabbed on some hot glue, wrapped some Japanese Washi masking tape (check here), printed labels from the computer, dabbed some more hot glue, and this was our result:

So that Japanese Washi tape...that stuff is awesome. I used the leftovers for the above craft but purchased it for decorating my popcorn boxes. If you're going to serve popcorn you better have some cute popcorn containers. The regular kind just weren't working for me, red and white stripes? MMm there wasn't exactly any straight up red anywhere so I wasn't feeling those. Then one day I got the Oriental Trading Inc magazine and they had some for a great price so I went with it. BUT they were plain so dressing them up was in order. SO a little tape, and some printed monograms and they were done. MANY MANY thanks to those who graciously helped me unfold and tape all 250 of them!
Again my photographer captures them better than I but here they are at home.
I posted this little project once already but I love it so much I'm putting it in again. We had some mens and womens restrooms signs at work that we were going to toss out. I saw them and thought I could do something sorta cute with them but I didn't know what, so they sat in my desk drawer basically for half a year. As we drew closer to the wedding I decided to bring them home and play with an idea rolling around in my mind. I pulled out my scrap scrapbooking paper again, and leftover ribbon from my bridesmaids gifts and got to work. A little while later I had me a couple bride and groom door hanger signs for our getting ready rooms. Husband loves them so much they are now hanging in our bedroom. :)

Of course what current wedding is complete without a photobooth? Well that's something I put quite a bit a of work into, gathering props and how it would all sit out for people. I did a lengthier post on the decor below so I won't say much but it was definitely a blast! You can also check out the chalkboard I made for the photobooth. Plus I got to lend it to my friend for her wedding in July! Doesn't get much better than that!

This isn't much crafting but I wanted to get a little creative with what people could throwtoss at us as we left our big event. After the church put down the sparkler idea, and then the floating lanterns, I finally decided the easiest and prettiest would be colorful biodegradable confetti. So that's what we did. I searched around the internet for a while and eventually came across one that allowed me to buy all my colors. I bought them and mixed them all together in a giant bowl. On the day before the wedding when we were setting up church, I had some of my helpers disperse a little into each of our favors.
Okay that's some bad blurry but it turned out great in our pictures!
Finally, our favors. Looking all over Pinterest I came up with a thousand ideas...they're still all pinned to my wedding board. Kevin and I only recently graduated and in our college world one of the most popular FREE things you could get was cups...and even better, color changing cups. My mom teased me for a while about this idea but in the end even she agrees it was a ton of fun. At the end of our honeymooon, it was SO great and just made me giggle to see all my family members walking around actually using them. I love this favor, and we have some for ourselves still.

Okay, so that's my here's what I did for my wedding post in as short of a manner as I possibly could. Course, it doesn't include all the hard work my mom put into some beautiful pearl and sparkly foam balls, or my signs at the wedding or the little project my girlfriend worked on for me, or the centerpieces..however it's a good bunch. Man, putting it all one post makes it look like it all took no time at all. Maybe I'll throw in the signs with some of the detail shots from my photographer, she caught most but missed like one or two I think.

Coming Next: Bridesmaids Gifts, Prepping for the Big Day and then all the pictures! Get excited!

What are some of your favorite little projects of even details from your wedding?


  1. I would love to see a budget post! I'm in the middle of planning a wedding that we're paying for ourselves and it's really difficult sometimes!!

    You have some great ideas for DIY though!

  2. Where did you order your cups???


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