Saturday, August 11, 2012

To My Pillow

Dearest Pillow,
  I love you so much. Many can attest to our love since we've never parted ways except me for forgetting you, which we both know has only occurred once or twice in our lifetime together.We broke the odds, you and I. People said we'd never make it this long and they'd make fun of us but we proved them wrong and to me you're still the one:
Sadly, the chiropractor thinks otherwise. My body wants to turn 60 years old already and so my dear old friend he says I must say farewell to you. I tried to resist his convincing words, and the price tag on the new pillow helped too but this numb and tingly right hand just isn't working for me. It was extremely difficult to remove your pretty blue cover, and put it on the new pillow. I tried to keep you in  the bed last night but husband thought I would try and trade you back in, in the middle of the night. So to the ground you had to go:
Pillow looking sad and naked
I missed you all night long and desperately wanted you back. New pillow, Ultima 2000, is much harder than you. I even have to sleep on the new pillow in certain ways. In the center with the thinner side if I am on my back and on the edge if I am on my side...this is ridiculous and has cause me to think more when I am tossing and turning in my sleep. Please know pillow, this is not my choice. I still love you and want you. Now I lay in bed without you but you're with me in my dreams, pillow:
For now pillow you will sleep on our chaise lounge(aka mini futon that I'm calling a chaise lounge), and I will visit you often when I read books and stare out the window. Please do not be too angry with me pillow. I will keep you till the end of time, I promise.

Love forever and always, Veronica

New Pillow

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  1. bahahah. this cracked me up. Sorry to hear about your pillow...


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