Monday, August 27, 2012

The Day Before Forever&Always

The night before this day was my bachelorette party,and we stayed up real late...I mean real late. So waking up early to decorate wasn't exactly on every one's radar but awaken early they did and they arrived ready to help on time! I have the most awesome set of friends!

We started out just getting everything from the cars inside the church and then the directing started. Men began setting out tables for the reception, and ladies followed my orders. I don't know what I thought that day was going to look like but it topped off my expectations of time and stuff to do. I'm just glad we got in there in the morning. And what was even stranger was I barely felt like I lifted a finger, I'd go to do something and someone wanted me to give them something to do, and by the time I'd moved on so did someone else. I felt like a commander or something.
We ate at McDonals for lunch, I know who does that the day before their wedding? Ha, I do...
We took breaks by set would leave and come back so another set could leave and come back. Everything went together pretty well, but things took longer than anticipated. Our BIGGEST mistake being that we hadn't ironed out the tablecloths before hand. Basically someone was ironing tablecloths all day...we took shifts. It was crazy. Even the boys got involved!

My wedding coordinator, a good friend and sweet lady, was there all day too and man am I grateful for her little mind thinking of things I never would have! So glad I had her the day before, and day of (ps: I know you want to save money and not have one of these, but seriously do it! Because you and your close family and friends want to enjoy this day! Hire a friend! or maybe get a friend to volunteer! Mine volunteered, but I also wanted to give her a little something for her hard work).

I wish we had more pictures from setting up but we were so busy running around like chickens with their heads cut off that hardly anyone thought about pictures. Except for the mommies:
Both of these beautiful ladies have battled breast cancer, MIL on the left is done! Praise Jesus, my mommy on the right, is still pushing through!
All in all, there was one trip to Target and one trip to Hobby Lobby, well I think anyway, someone else went, not me, so I could be wrong about that. We were done in time for men to go get their rentals and ladies to get their nails done, mission accomplished. BUT who knew my nails would take close to 2 1/2 hours! Holy MOLY! That left me, my mom and sister like 15 min to run home and get ready for the rehearsal, aka 3 curling. you do the math...yeah we were late. The bride was late to her own rehearsal...well they couldn't have started without me anyhow.

My sister gifted me the mickey and minnie, groom and bride caps, for Christmas so we wore them for our rehearsal. It was blast, and made a lot of people smile.THANKS GINA!
My bouquet of course was bows and ribbons from the gifts we'd already received. I love that bouquet! And had so much fun making it too. It's in my office at work now so I can always cherish the memories

Better shot of the bouquet, even if it is a little grainy/blurry
Mickey/Minnie Caps: Disney World, Dress: BCBG, Shoes: Target
When trying to decide where to have our rehearsal dinner we wanted to do something unique, something you might only get in Norman, and of course something relatively inexpensive for our tight budget. Kevin's parents surprised us by paying for the dinner which was a marvelous blessing! We ran through all the restaurants in Norman in our heads and came up with Hideaway Pizza. Located right on Campus Corner, Hideaway would give our guests a taste of our college life and a view of campus as they pulled in. Phi Lamb had hosted a pizza chapter there every year so I knew there was a big room available that was sure to hold all our guests too plus pizza? Who doesn't love pizza?

It turned out to be the perfect choice. It was the prime mix of casual, good food, and great atmosphere. Everyone sat at different tables but that was great because we just walked around to everyone's table to talk and thank them for coming. Everyone loved the different flavors of pizza and the lemonade cake was a favorite too. Only regret? Not taking enough pictures that evening. What you see here is all I've got. But we had an awesome time! I loved catching up with our close friends.

After everything I went home and totally crashed. I'd been on my feet basically all day and my feet weren't happy with my choice of flats in the day and heels at night. I was utterly exhausted and super appreciative of a comfortable bed to plop onto.

Tomorrow: Morning of Our Wedding Day!!!

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  1. I love your mickey and minnie ears for the rehearsal, cute idea!


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