Friday, August 10, 2012

One Early Morning

In my thoughts of hopefully seeing our wedding pictures soon, and since I began this blog a while after the fact, I thought why not post our engagement pictures?!

Besides they come with a funny story, a revelation and might make us feel cooler in this heat of the summer.

Sometime around our engagement I discovered Birds&Coffee through a Phi Lamb alumn. Shortly after, I emailed Anna and before you knew it we were meeting her in person at none other than a coffee shop, Starbucks to be specific. We loved meeting Anna and felt comfortable with her work so right then and there we decided to hire for the whole shebang of engagement and wedding.

So bright and early, one misty, cold, wet, October, Sunday morning we arose and took our engagement pictures at our requested site, our beloved campus:

Gould Hall: College of Architecture (my college!)
Looking down South Oval toward Bizzell Library (the hubster's fav pic)
At this point you're probably thinking, didn't she say it was cold?,  to which I am responding, YES! I was freezing! Things we do for beautiful pictures...
The OU Rose Garden
Love the lighting in this one.
(My personal favorite)
Ring Shot
Evans Hall to the left and the library again to our right
Probably the first successful picture of me with a straight face.
Outfit Change
(Insert funny story, and by funny I mean not really very funny at all...we changed in one of the campus buildings to our sweater combo, much to my appreciation since I was a lot warmer in this ensemble, put our other outfits in the dress bag and went walking all over campus thinking we had everything...well by the time we got home and unpacked everything I realized the dress I wore was gone! We rushed back to campus and ran all over the place looking for my missing luck. I was pretty heart broken, it was the one and only time I ever got to wear that dress....guess I got pretty pictures in them...funny part? Someone must have found it lying on the sidewalk (it probably fell off the hanger and slid out of the dress bag on our walk) and I'm sure that initiated several thoughts of someone walking around naked...well that's what I'd assume...)
In front of Evans Hall (our favorite building on campus)
The OU Spoon Holder (tradition says if you kiss your girlfriend in the spoon holder you'll get married)

Below are my favorite sequence shots EVER:

We're silly, it's part of our life.
Side note: Last summer (before we got engaged) we ate lunch together almost every day on the sheet we used in these shots.

Love these old phone booths on campus, they were a must have in at least one picture. We took a few more in them but this is my favorite. It wasn't planned but we ended up using this shot for our save the date! Check it out here.

Last but not least:
Oh and the revelation we learned? We're jean case you didn't know...

Special thanks to Birds and Coffee for these awesome pictures! We love them!

Want to read our engagement story? Check it out:
Part ONE
Part TWO


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I just had to comment because I recently stumbled across your blog and I am a Phi Lamb, too (Florida chapter)! So funny :)

  2. I love your pictures! That story about your dress is so sad though--and it was such a pretty one, too! I love that you took pictures around your college in meaningful and recognizable places to you! They all turned out awesome.

  3. Your engagement photos are gorgeous. Wow. I am sort of jealous :)
    New follower.

  4. I love these, Veronica!! I agree on the favorite with your husband---I am SO taking one of those at OSU one day! :)


  5. haha i love the one where he's touching your nose! hahaha


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