Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Morning of Forever & Always

I'd been told by a number of people that it's traditional etiquette for the bride to hold a bridal brunch on the morning of the wedding. Did I mention my budget was tight? This seemed virtually impossible at the beginning but as everything began to pan out, I found a solution that was fun, low stress, and even easy on the budget. So if you're like me, don't freak out! You can do it!

On the morning of, I woke up to an alarm telling me it was my wedding day! What an exciting moment! One of my sweet besties and I had long talked about how we wanted to have a sleepover on the night before our weddings...and we had our dream come true, for mine at least. We woke up so excited and I was so happy to have her right there with me in the morning. That's what best friends are for! My sister was there too which just made the whole morning even sweeter. We got ready for the ladies to come for bridal brunch. I ended up having my SIL (that's Sister In Law, we've been calling each other just SIL lately...and at the time of this story she was still my almost SIL but anyway) pick up some fruit and muffins from Sams the day before. My mom and Georgia brought over some other sweets and drinks, and we just had a sweet and easy breakfast all together. My mom, my sisters(maids of honor), my maids, my house ladies, my grandmothers, my sweet flower girl and other ladies who were part of the big day.

We chit chatted, hung out, and painted toe nails for those who didn't get them done. Of course we took tons of pictures too:

With all my lovely maids :)
New grandma, new mom, me, my mommy

After the bridal brunch, we headed off to get our hair done. I stumbled across this precious hair salon one day after a florists appointment. The inside is so cute and the ladies were so sweet I just knew it would be the perfect place. It was also reasonable and close to the church so win win!

Best friend stuffed in the backseat with my gown! You're awesome Alex!

blurry but I still like it
 After our hair was done we put up our umbrellas and ran to the car. We finished with hair in plenty of time so we also stopped at a CVS for random fun things, food and other necessities. Then went to the church, popping up our umbrellas again and dashing through the rain...yep we got rain on our wedding day, it's supposed to mean good luck...right?

Once in the church, we ate snacks, talked, hung out, set out make up, hung up our dresses, and just had a great time being girlfriends all together, all the while the kept me from the windows displaying gray skies and tons of rain.
My maids with their shirts and shoes...they're awesome for putting up with me! 
Overall, it was a fabulous morning! I loved every minute of it. I was calm and I was having a good time. I never once felt nervous that whole morning. I have all my lovely ladies to thank for the peace and joy I felt that day. Love them!

Check back tomorrow for real pictures!!

ps: more blog face lifts coming soon! Anyone have suggestions? I've only recently redone my about me side, and got some buttons made up.


  1. Looks like a very joyous morning! And I'd never heard of the bridal brunch tradition before....I do remember that somehow sub sandwiches and chips were set out for all of us who were hanging out at church before the ceremony but I'm pretty sure that's the only thing we ate before the show started! :P I wasn't thinking too much about food that day, though it's probably a good thing that other people were!

  2. Thanks for following! I look forward to connecting with you!

    Satisfaction Through Christ


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