Thursday, August 16, 2012

Magnetic Striping

Last weekend, I worked almost all Saturday on a little place in our home we call the nook. It's not quite finished, but when it is you can be sure I'll be sharing it on here.

Part of the nook set up was a little craft project. This was a super easy project, that allowed me to bring some color into the space without getting out the paint or getting messy. Best part? All I had to do was buy some wrapping paper!

Plain Magnetic Board (this one came from IKEA, they come in all sizes and pretty inexpensive.)
Fun Wrapping Paper (we picked this one up from Hobby Lobby)
Double Sided Tape

1. Obviously choose a fun wrapping paper, your favorite color/pattern/etc...the options are almost endless!
2. Measure out how much paper you need. Mine had a grid printed onto the back which made it super easy to place and measure.
3. Cut from the roll the amount of paper you'll need.
4. Place tape along the edges on the front, and some in the middle.
5. Carefully place your board onto the paper noting the pattern on your paper. I chose a thin striped paper so I had to make sure the board was straight on the paper.
6. Tape the back edges of your board: along the ends and in the middle.
7. Begin to carefully crease and fold paper. I ended up creasing and folding just as though I were wrapping a box. You might find a better way but this was good enough for me.
8. Begin the short in width sides, fold your paper in and double stick it down.
9. Carefully lay paper as flat down as possible, using the double stick tape to attach it to the board.
10. Flip it over, smooth out creases, and mount to your wall. (this part is especially easy when you have awesome an husband who will do it for you!)
11. Embellish! I took a wooden letter my cousin decorated for me years ago and attached magnets to the back. The flower one is simply a fake flower with a painted wood circle in the middle, all hot glued together on top of a magnet.
12. Use it and enjoy!

So whatcha think?

Coming soon: Our nook, wedding card craft, the woes of my 1994 oldsie, and wedding pictures! Yep I said it, our wedding pictures will be in our mailbox soon so be looking forward to those!

- Note how you are going to hang it before you begin. My board had holes punch through the metal for hanging, I had to make sure I punched those out through the paper before I forgot where they were and ruined my paper.
- If your magentic board has a frame around it, you might try cutting wrapping paper to fit perfectly inside. Otherwise, I'd use double stick tape on the inside to carefully wrap around the frame.
- Take your time, be patient and have some fun! 

(If you've missed PassionPinkandPearls Pearls of Wisdom, they're coming back to the blog but only for specific posts in which they have a true purpose. For example, pearls of wisdom of projects, or perhaps pearls of wisdom I've learned from the Lord through a situation, or pearls of wisdom that I learned from mistakes, or sometimes they might just be look out for Pearls of Wisdom on posts.)


  1. This is a really awesome idea! We have a chalk board that is magnetic, maybe if we want to change it up, we'll try this! Cute!

  2. This is SUCH a great idea! I wouldn't have ever thought of using regular wrapping paper, but its perfect because it isn't that thick. Thanks for sharing, girl!


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