Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leading up to our BIG DAY!

As I am organizing our pictures from our big day, I thought I should go ahead and share some of what led up to the wedding. I wasn't terribly good at keeping this little blog informed of wedding happenings. I tried, I posted about
One Month Countdown

Of course some of you caught our honeymoon posts too, here and here, and also here, oops and here.

I realized that I never posted about the lovely showers we were thrown though!I sorta touched on the Christmas shower but not really. And I didn't talk at all about the one we had here in Norman, put on my 2 of my lovely bridesmaids and my wedding coordinator (thank heavens for them!).

December was a pretty great month, we celebrated 25 months of dating and 3 months being engaged, of course there's my birthday which is a pretty big deal, Christmas-celebrating our sweet Jesus, and searching for THE DRESS! But to add to all that awesomeness was my best friend and her wonderful mom throwing me such a sweet and beautiful shower in their stunning home all decorated for Christmas. I was completely blown away. I will forever cherish that day.
We three have known each other since we were in diapers!
Georgia had a delightful set of treats and snacks set up, it was all SO good! My mom sent the purses, favors, made of paper, and the pig came from my aunt/grandma. It even says Veronica & Kevin on the butt, it's precious, and in our bedroom.
This was my first time to get to where this awesome dress from BCBG, I wore it a second time for our Phi Lamb formal...and I'm hoping for some hoppin' Cmas party this season to wear it again.
The lovely ladies that did it all! This is my second family, Alex and I have been friends since we were one years old and Georgia and my mom have been friends since then too. Every time I go back to Houston I stay with this family. I love them so much! They've always taken such good care of me.:)
We had another shower in Norman as I mentioned above, that Emily and Kristina and Elizabeth put on for us! It was a lot of fun. They made it a couples shower, so Kevin got to join and so did other men. We played games, ate some delicious cupcakes, and spent time with people who've shown us both love here in Norman. For opening gifts we had to answer questions about each other before we got to open one. That game opened the doors for plenty of jokes and tons of laughter...Kevin guess that my super power wish was to be a vacuum...really hunny? I wanted the snapping trick that Mary Poppins has...he was so far off.
Top Left: The sweet ladies that made  Journey Church my home; Top Right: the creators of this shower; Bottom Left: My new parents, I'm calling them MIL and FIL for now; Bottom Right Top: Kevin's best man and girlfriend/who also so happens to be my little in Phi Lamb; Bottom Right Bottom: Our friends playing the game

The showers were so fun! I think my favorite part was just being able to catch up with people and see some lovely faces that I hadn't in quite a while. Truly such a blessing to be loved on by so many people.

Did you have a wedding shower? What was your favorite part?

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