Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Honeymoon on the Harbour

Yesterday I finally filled you in on the beginning of our honeymoon over at Everything Emily, head to her blog to catch part one if you missed it!

We said farewell to our honeymoon on the beach after three days and entered honeymoon on the harbour in downtown St. Pete where we stayed at the Vinoy!
Our 2nd lovely resort: The Vinoy
 Day Five: 1. After our tennis reservations were rained out we decided to take a tour of our fine historic hotel 2. Famous Chihuly chandelier located in their renovated ballroom. 3. All of us gathered together for my sister's high school graduation-the reason we came to St. Pete for our honeymoon, I couldn't miss this big day for her and I absolutely LOVED being there for her! 4. Kevin's ritual every time I got ready for going out.

Day Six: 1. We finally got a clearing in the weather to play some tennis! It was so fun even though it did start to rain lightly midway through. Plus we got to experience tennis on clay courts. 2. After a short taxi ride we made it to Sunken Gardens, it was beautiful! 3 Making silly faces in the gardens, we're goofballs sometimes. 4. I bought my first maxi dress to wear one night out for dinner. We decided to go to the Pier, a landmark that they are soon going to tear down. It is full of shops and restaurants, we ate on the top floor, looking out over the water and downtown, as the sun set through the cloudy stormy sky. 5. One of my favorite pictures from our honeymoon.

 Day Seven: 1. We got breakfast to go and walked around a nearby park before our segway adventure 2.  Segway tour of downtown St. Pete! We stalked Groupon for months before our honeymoon and snagged this great option. I highly recommend checking out Groupon and Living Social for great places to eat and activities.3. We went all over downtown St. Pete on the tour, we saw the Dali Museum, and in this picture you can see the Pier 4. We got all dolled up for dinner in the town and then the rain came and wasn't going to stop..5. So we opted for room service pizza and cake, broke our no media rule and watched a movie, still a great night.

Day Eight: 1. For our last morning we walked to a small nearby beach and soaked up some sun 2. The rest of our day was spent at my uncle's house on the water for a Happy Graduation slash wedding for me, Kevin, my sister and our cousin. It was so great to see family, they couldn't make it to our far away wedding due to another member of our family being born. My mom did a terrific job decorating and setting up this party. The day ended with family chit chat on the dock as the sun set. 3. It was a great way to celebrate one week of marriage!

Day Nine: We left our lovely vacation, ready to begin our new life as husband and wife!

What did you do for your honeymoon?


  1. i loved our honeymoon, it is the only time it would be just us without any major responsibilities back home. looks like you two had a wonderful honeymoon where were the segways? i have always wanted to try those out

  2. WOW! Your honeymoon is fabulous. My dream and on my list of things before I turn 30 is to stay at the Pink Hotel. YAY! Now I finally know someone who went. Bekah at re-solve, turned me on to your blog. You are fabulous.

  3. Honeymoon on the Harbour, What a great Idea. In ancient times honeymoon referred to the time of year when bee honey was ripe and cured to be harvested from hives or from the wild which made it the sweetest time of the year.


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