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So I wrote my honeymoon out as a guest blog one day and decided to post it here today so I could have it on my own blog to go back to. If you missed our honeymoon, check it out! Here's to a Terrific Tuesday Yall!


Hello lovelies! Thanks to Emily for letting me invade her space while she's gone soaking up the sun. I'm Veronica and I blog over at Passion, Pink and Pearls, three of my favorite things: Passion for the Lord, Pink-the favorite color, and Pearls-the perfect-forever accessory.

Emily asked me to write about something connecting with the beach so what better beach adventure to share than our honeymoon?! I've been promising this post for a while at my blog and haven't gotten around to it till just now...like a month and half later...ooops. As you'll soon see we're a picture loving couple...we may not be pros but I'll tell you, we're pretty darn talented with the self timer, several of these of the both of us were taken that way. Hope you enjoy learning about us and our sweet honeymoon!

The Don Cesar Resort Number One
Our Honeymoon Basics:
Where: St. Petersburg, Florida
How: My side of the family gifted us our honeymoon as our wedding present...without them we wouldn't have enjoyed this beautiful and luxurious trip!
Hotel: We stayed in 2! The Don Cesar and the Vinoy (both pink resorts...both historic, ...both I've been dying to go to since I was a little girl)
When: We arrived on Saturday (we had a Friday wedding) and stayed till the following Sunday.
What: What did we do? A lot and a little...just find out below:

Day One: 1. We left via OKC airport, and caught 2 connection flights till we finally landed in Tampa, FL. A short drive later, via our personal limo pick-up, we arrived at the grand entrance of the Don Cesar. 2. The panoramic view from our room, just after the sunset.  3. My mom and aunt had left us some goodies: tubes that said bride and groom, sand toys, bride and newlywed flip-flops, and a container of bath goodies like medicine, sunscreen, and lotion.  You better bet we played in those tubes every single day for a good many hours. 4. Chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling juice were waiting for us! 5. The view from our room, the minute we got there, before sunset 6. Sand heart with our personalized flip-flops
Day Two: 1. We climbed this large tower on the back side of the resort, it was fun to see how much farther out you could see the higher we climbed. We love the heart picture from our honeymoon pics so we tried to re-enact it. 2. The view from the bed...literally, I could wake up to this every morning, easy! 3. We rented some bikes via our super nice concierge and rode around town. We ate at a fun beach joint using a Groupon and purchased an ornament for our Cmas tree to commemorate our honeymoon. 4. Our resort pool and island bar, we ate here a couple times for lunch.
Day Three: 1. We went to a fancy breakfast we had made reservations for. 2. We went into the resort store for a postcard, our concierge saw us there and told the store lady to fix us up because we were VIP...next thing you know, we're walking out with 3 postcards, snacks and ballcaps for free! 3. We went on another bike ride and found this awesome mosaic, favorite sea animal! 4. Took this while riding, be impressed 5. Fulfilling a childhood dream: go to the classic ice cream shoppe at the bottom of the resort, it was awesome! 6. My favorite meal from our trip: cheesy crab pretzel, yes I know you're jealous...I plan on re-creating it, so I'll share that on a post sometime.

Day Four: This was our last day at our beloved Don Cesar, I really didn't want to leave, we had a morning adventure and then enjoyed our last few minutes at the beach before driving away to destination number 2! 1.  Don Cesar in the background, thanks to a kind stranger on the beach 2. We attempted that picture, I'm sure you've seen it on pinterest, it's not that easy. 3.  As we left the Don and arrived at the Vinoy a nasty storm started rolling in, this is the view from our window later that day. 4. We explored downtown St. Pete a little bit before the rain came, this is one of their newest pieces, pretty cool water wall, we got to watch it start up. 5. More chocolate covered strawberries with Spanish wine this time which we didn't find all that good, sorry!

Our honeymoon continues!....check out my blog in the next couple of days to learn about our adventures at the Vinoy in the midst of a rather big storm, a cool activity we did with another groupon deal, and learn about the Pier which is soon to be no more.

Thanks for having me!


And our honeymoon story did  continue on my blog, check it: Honeymoon on the Harbor


  1. love the Don Cesar!! It looks like you all had an amazing time and enjoyed great weather! :)

  2. Y'all are just the cutest couple! Your honeymoon looked like so much fun. And you were right, y'all are pros at the self timer...me and my hubs, not so much. Haha. We've like 4 pictures of us together on our honeymoon. LAME.

  3. Oh by the way, did you get my email yesterday?? I just wanted to make sure I sent it to the right address.

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  6. Aww! It looks like you two had a very romantic honeymoon. What better way to spend a honeymoon than spend time at the beach? I don’t know where my fiancé and I are going for our honeymoon, though I already have the Caribbean in mind. Is that a bit clichéd? I’m running out of honeymoon ideas here. I really want our honeymoon to be unique and something worth remembering for the rest of our lives together.

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