Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Girls Getaway Weekend

This past weekend some of my best friends and I got together to celebrate one of their birthdays and just enjoy some good solid girlfriend time together. We've been planning this since the summer began, can't believe it has come and gone now!

Kayla and I drove down to Dallas, hung out with Em and Kris Friday night and had our first real sleepover. It's funny, we lived together for 3 years but never really had a sleepover. After pancakes in our PJs we dressed up and drove out to Fort Worth. We had planned a full day of site seeing and activities there, from Botanical Gardens to lunch downtown to a random stop at a antique mall...it was crazy but so much fun!

And as always we took a ton of pics, this time using the self timer so we all four could be in the shot, hope you enjoy some of our cheesy poses. :)

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Sure was beautiful even if we were sweating like a mongoose by the end.

Sorta reminded us of Pemberly....oh Pride and Prejudice

This was at the antique mall we decided to make a pit stop at. I had never been to one of those, it's amazing to see the treasures people hold onto! I left with two necklaces and a set of those new hairband elastics that have been so popular at Anthrolologie, all for $8!

We visited the very famous Kimball Art Museum, per Emily and I's request. It was awesome to see this building in real life instead of just looking at pictures and reading descriptions in a textbook.

Hotel parking lot pic, we stayed in a hotel on Kris' dad's traveling points... Sweet! Saturday night we got all dolled up for some great Mexican food at Joe T's and some country dancing at Billy Bob's of Texas.

Inside Billy Bob's...took this pic for the hubs...me, Texas, and ESPN-three of his favorite things.

Sunday morning we freshened up and went to a church in Dallas called Watermark...anyone ever been? Such a cool building! Great message and worship...overall I'd visit that church again.
Billy Bob's was a ton of fun. Joe T's was definitely a tasty and unique experience, and that rolltop desk is my dream desk...that desk and a cheval mirror and my heart will be crazy happy!

What a treasure it was to spend time with some wonderful friends, truly a blessing from the Lord to me. Love you ladies! Here's to many more getaways and vacations! 

And while the great weekend had to come to an end, husband scored major points by cleaning house, putting together a storage unit for me, and surprising me with flowers. Props to you hubster! 

Anyone else take girl getaways or friend vacations?


  1. I love going away with my friends! I have a group of three girls from college that plans a trip every year together. This year we'll be visiting a friend with a new baby! Love it :)

  2. Love this! I had a blast with you girls.

  3. I'm always using the self timer too! Works wonders! I definitely love girl getaways... in fact, my best friend and I are going to Newport this weekend to stay in her aunt's cottage. Looks like you girls had a great time!

  4. SO jealous! Billy Bob's is on my bucket list and I haven't made it yet!



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