Friday, August 17, 2012

Cutlass Supreme

My this has been a week of posts from me! Might be the most I've posted since the 15 Day Challenge. I thought I'd tune in for one of my favorite link-ups ever, Friday's Letters! Join us as we talk to people, objects and places!

Dear Friday, I can't believe you're already here! Don't get me wrong, I'm way more than okay with that but wow, this busy week just flew by!

Dear Magnetic Board,  You are among the firsts of my craft DIY project posts. I'm happy with you and hopefully others can create something similar to you now, since I posted the lovely how-to on it...I mean really, no one else could have come up with this fabulous idea! You're one-of-a-kind! And now you can go on pinterest and people will say, how clever! You'll just be the pin of the pinterest world. Enjoy your humble place in my home. (dear bloggers, that was a bunch of sarcasm, I'm totally not full of myself, thought I should clarify...but hey if you want to check out my DIY go for it!)

Dear SIL, That's Sister In Law, You sent us an awesome package in the mail with great new books and oreos! We are stoked! Thanks!

Dear Sister, blood sister, Ginger, You are moving into your dorm today. I wish so much I could be there! I know it's crazy and a  little terrifying but you'll love it! I promise! I miss you, have a blast!

Dear Right Hand, remember when I was told you were carpal tunnel? Well apparently you are a result of some misalignment in my body. You're getting slightly better which is nice. I have taken care of you by icing my neck at night, wearing a brace at night, using a new pillow at night and using pad in front of my keyboard and mouse. What's next? Please heal yourself soon.

Dear Chiropractor,  Thank you for helping me with right hand. Ps; You're real nice!

Dear May Books,  I can't wait to get my planner! Thank you for the Groupon!! Ps: Bloggers, check May Books out! For serious!

Dear Bloggers, Thanks for making my day! I love reading your posts and learning new things about you! Special shout out to Quall's Quirks! I can't believe I actually won a giveaway! UHMAZING! Also, can anyone help me with trying to sell wedding stuff?

Dear Car, You are my 1994 Cutlass Supreme Oldsmobile. That puts you at 18 years old. That meas you're only 4 years younger than me. That means you're old. That means you're not real hip with your zip-ties holding down the glove box, your scratch from someone opening my mom's back door onto you, your dent from my fender-bender, your other dent from the lady who owned you preciously and hit a deer, your other other dent from my ex sliding against the wheel of a tall car, and your super great ability to kill batteries. That last one being the reason I'm writing you a letter. In four years you've gone through four batteries..awesome. Here's how our week went because of you:
Monday morning: nothing, nothing turns on...we abandon you for the day.
Tuesday: We give you another shot calling a AAA guy to come and give you a jump but again you refuse...we abandon you.
-5:40ish Mechanic friend Nate comes by to take a look at you, we try and jump you again and very very slowly you show some improvement.
-6:30 You start, praises are sung! We start to drive you
-631 You stop after we get past two buildings in our complex...awesome.
-6:32 We make our next plan of action
-6:40ish We call AAA again so they can tow you to AutoZone
-7:45 Still no AAA tow truck, mechanic friend Nate and I leave for AutoZone and hubby stays behind with you
-8:00 Tow truck finally arrives for you
-8:30 Tow truck tows you into the AutoZone parking lot
-8:33 AutoZone guys try and test your battery, no luck
-8:40 We try and test you battery again, you're quite stubborn
-8:45 We decide to buy you a new alternator
-8:50 Mechanic friend Nate and hubster get to work on removing your old alternator
-9:15 A couple arrives in the parking lot, their car won't start either, we try and give them a jump, their car refuses too, they leave and walk home
-9:30 You finally release the old alternator!!! Installation of new one begins
-9:55 I decide we need refreshment, I use husband's car to drive to the nearby gas station. Lady there wants to know if I want chewing tobacco or cigarettes...uh no thanks.
-10:00 Did you know that's when the roaches come out?
-10:15 Shirtless-too-big-pant-wearing-scavengers come out and check the trashcans for old cigarettes...uhh GROSS!
-10:21 The toolbox goes away!! ie: new alternator is in!
-10:23 We try and jump you again
-10:30 You still refuse
-10:50 We give up on you and abandon you at AutoZone
-7:00pm We come to you again, buy you a new battery, find out your old alternator was awful, wish I would have bought you a new one earlier.
-7:15 new battery is installed
This isn't my car but it looks just like it!
Dear Husband, Boy this car thing sure wasn't fun! I'm looking forward to the weekend with you! Love you with all my heart!

Dear God,  Thank you for using my fast time in the car for the benefit of your people. I enjoyed learning to pray for others better and more. Thank you for giving my car new life once again. Thank you for friendships. Thank you for friends willing to serve us! Thank you for loving us.

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