Friday, August 24, 2012

Bridesmaids Gifts

Probably one of my first blog posts was about asking my bridesmaids, Inviting the Maids, to be there on my big day, to stand with me, to help me, to pray for me, and to continue to be the very best friends I've ever had. These ladies were pivotal to me. I couldn't imagine that day without them. I needed them.

As we started to plan our wedding one of the first hiccups we ran into was my list of 8 ladies and his list of 4 men. For a while we wrestled with whether one of us should cut down or the other add to, but it just didn't feel right. Early on we decided that while we would have some traditional aspects, our wedding would be anything but traditional all the way. So the first to go? Having an even number of men and women in the bridal party. In the end, we wouldn't have had it any other way. Kevin had the guys he wanted with him and I was surrounded by my beautiful ladies. 

Anyway, I wanted to show my sweet girlfriends and sisters how much I truly appreciated their time, and love to be with me on my day. And let's face it, Pinterest had dozens of ideas stacking up but excuse me, who has $80 to spend on a personalized initial necklace or robe off Etsy? Well not this lady. So I had to think a little harder.

First on my list was something with pearls. If I'd had the budget, you bet I would've bought every single one of them a beautiful pearl necklace or earrings but I didn't. I did however, have a broken faux pearl bracelet and some bobby pins. AND I had a dedicated mommy willing to help, this was crucial, if I'd had to make all those bobby pins on my own, I wouldn't have finished. They then wore them on the wedding day, and I did too.

Second, I had my girls select their own dresses in the color of coral ( they received paint swatches and hit the stores) so their dresses were different thus I required their shoes to be all one color and I required them to be heels. Since I knew they wouldn't want to wear those all day, I did the nice thing and bought them flip flops for the reception. I originally wanted them to wear yellow heels but they shot that down real quick so they wore neutral shoes for the pretty stuff. Little did they know I still got my way and they wore yellow shoes to the reception! I was excited to see them where their shoes, but probably something that brought the biggest smile to my face was them all wearing the flip flops on the morning of while we shared breakfast and got our hair done. I loved that moment!  Mostly because I didn't even think of that and I just felt such surprise and love.
I thought this hanger was too cute so I also took on that little project. The husband, then fiance, helped with this one. Props to you Kev! Some spray paint, ribbon, scrapbook sticker letters, and hot glue is all you need, well and a hanger, and I had several extras.  Ps: check our clearance on Old Navy around winter...those cheap flips flops get even cheaper!
On the bottom I wrote Bridesmaid on one side and their name on the others, mostly so I would give each person the right shoe size but I thought it was a little fun too.

Third, I loved the several pictures all over Pinterest of the bridesmaids dresses all hanging up and lokking cute on pretty hangers. Since all my girls would be wearing their own selected dresses I really wanted to showcase them too. Again, Etsy's handmade hangers were a little on the pricey side for me...but I did some research and found the cheapest wood hangers can be found at KMart. My mom and I drove off and picked them up. The catch to this project is my mom just so happened to have a wood burning tool so I was able to easily burn into the wood, their initials on  one side and their title: bridesmaid or maid of honor, onto the other side. This was a fun project, especially since I'd never done any work like that before. I don't have perfect penmanship but I'm happy with the results.
Side note: I have a friend who makes really beautiful hangers so if you're interested in someone doing them for you, I'd highly recommend her. I didn't know she had this awesome talent till after my wedding otherwise I would have asked for her help. Also, she's planning her own wedding, so help a Bride out and get her to make you one! They'd make precious baby gifts too I posted a picture of her work at the end of this post. 

Now at this point I thought their gifts were done. As I was scrolling through Pinterest with my mom though we came upon a picture of the bridesmaids and bride in matching attire all monogrammed, and fell in love. My budget had been spent on the bridesmaids gifts though and I just thought it was out of the question. My mom insisted we give it a shot. I did some research and found good prices on Amazon, my mom offered to pay half and paint the monogramm to save costs, she's an artist by the way...this talent comes in handy quite often. We went for it. When they were done we steamed and starched them, rolled them up, and tied them off with leftover ribbon from the flipflop hanger project.

I bought some cheap yellow gift bags off amazon, and a little coral string bag for their pearls, used some scrapbook paper and wrote them each a personalized note, put it all together and hid them behind my sofa till the rehearsal dinner. I love to give gifts, it just makes me happy so this was another favorite for the wedding.

I also had 3 house ladies who were responsible for guiding guests into the ceremony, manning the signing table and serving the cake. They each received bobby pins and notes too in little paper purses that my mom had already made for the shower. I changed them with putting our initials on the front, and a flower sticker though just to give them a little something more.

My friend's hanger design for a different wedding: 
Isn't that beautiful!

What did you do for you bridesmaids?


  1. I gave all my ladies hair flowers and necklaces- which they wore in the wedding! These are SUCH cute ideas!

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