Friday, August 31, 2012

Beginning Our Forever&Always: US

Miraculously, the rain cleared just in time for us to take a few pictures outside! I couldn't believe it! We couldn't do our original plan due to wet grass but I still so love the pictures we got. The sky cleared, and we were so incredibly happy just to be there, together in our wedding attire, taking pictures, getting minutes closer to our forever commitment.

Some of our bride and groom pics:

Whew! And that was just a portion of them! It'd incredibly difficult to narrow down to my absolute favorites. Hope you enjoyed! Next week I'll post about our bridal party pictures, our ceremony, our reception, and details.

Again, thank you TONS to our wonderful photographer at Birds & Coffee!

ps; today I'm at a bagel joint here in Norman, as I walk around looking for a place to sit I spot a group of young boys, probably high school age, gathered around a young man talking the Bible, in the corner booth is a mom and her daughter praying, and behind my booth are a couple of men chatting about the journey of Paul in the Bible...what a great way to start my morning, reminded of the community of the Lord once again, love living in Oklahoma.


  1. Y'all are just the cutest thing ever. :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You look so cute and happy together!

  3. you were such a beautiful bride girl! blessings for a happy life together for many, MANY years!


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