Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beginning Our Forever & Always: FIRST LOOK

Our First Look! This decision came out of much debate. I was fairly set about not doing it while Kevin was adamant about having it, he even got one of his photographer friends to chime in on how it's the best thing ever (if you're in AR you should check out him and his wife out, they just started their own company together but he's been at the wedding photography business for a while, he photographs and she designs and people they are stinkin' talented! We had the pleasure of witnessing their beautiful wedding last summer). Anyway, it came down to if we did the first look then I got to choose our honeymoon location.I chose the honeymoon location SO we did and we both are SO glad we did, so if you're trying to decide, go for it!

It was so exciting and full of such joy, here's our first look:


I am so glad we did our first look! It gave me greater peace and gave us a sweet moment together. It was wonderful to get to see the man I was going to marry in literally hours, to get to hold his hands, to pray with him, to share our first kiss, to see each other in our wedding attire, and to soak up the moment. Our family and friends plus photographer ended up being there but we felt like non one else was there. BEST MOMENT! Plus we were so ready to get out and get on to our reception after the ceremony, I can't imagine doing all kinds of pretty photos after the ceremony.

 Check back tomorrow for what I'm going to call our model pictures! ;)

Of course all credit and many many thanks to our wonderful photographer at Birds & Coffee!

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