Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where my youth ministers??

This morning the hubs and I had did Bible study together as the sun rose on the beach

So in morning celebration at StudentLife we find a youth minister of the day (students nominate them through various, sometimes outrageous,'s? someone made a muppet that looked like their youth minister!). As we welcome this youth minister of the day to the stage, we play this awesome song. I forgot about this fun song and I never tired of it even after a whole summer so I had to share.
Youth Minister of the Day
Camp is amazing! Students lives are changing and it's great to see our team stretch themselves in new ways. Today we talked about Compassion, a way to touch our world and make God's Name great. This is an beautiful organization that you can be  apart of too! So I encourage you to check it out. Kevin began sponsoring a child a few years back and now I've been able to join him in that, I'm so excited to dive into this mission with him!

AND FINALLY, I have some pictures to share from Daytona with you:

Today's ChallengeWhat's one thing that you would never change about yourself?

Hhhmmm, I think I might have to say my single dimple. For whatever reason, God gave me one dimple and not two. I used to think this was odd but over time I've come to appreciate it. That and my momness. I played mom growing up with friends forever (see here). As I've gotten older I've just naturally fallen into this mom role, reminding everyone of things, being the one to have a tide-to-go pen, having motrin on me...etc. Friends tease me, and sometimes I make fun of myself but really I'm quite alright being a momlike person. The hubs is quite alright with it too since normally it comes in handy for him.

Single Dimple Evidence

Join the challenge! Its okay if you're late in the game! We've only got 4 days left! 

Last day of camp is tomorrow, pray for students with hard hearts to be softened to the love of Christ, for youth groups to fall into a closer bond together and for God's glory to be totally filtered in and out of everyone!

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  1. I love the one dimple! So darn cute (and super unique)!


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