Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend Happenings

I don't normally post on the weekends, usually I'm working on organizing our home, hanging with friends or just chillin with the hubby but I've got a couple things I just had to share. In addition, I'll be linking up with Sar at Life of Love for a 15 day challenge. This means I'll actually have to post everyday..for 15 days...yes this will be a challenge, but yall should learn a little more about me and that could be fun.

But before we get to today's challenge,

I finally got a hair cut! I'd been growing it long for a little over a year so I could do something fun with it for the wedding. So wedding had come and gone... thus it was time for a change, a BIG change. Why? Besides a little layering at the front, I've never really had a hair style before. It's just been long and straight. It was time for a style...time to look a little more adult, or at least try. So here we are. I'm really enjoying it and praising Jesus the hubby likes it too!

In other news, we are celebrating our FIRST monthiversary of married life! That makes us pros now right? Since we've been back from our honeymoon, husband has been working lyrics at church for every service. This was his first Sunday off!! So for the first time we actually got to sit in church next to each other as married people!  It was a great way to start our day. We plan on eating a delicious dinner and going put-put to finish off our day of celebration. (first picture with the hubby and the new haircut! EEK!, it's sorta sassier than I imagined it might be but it's growing on me more and more)

Now for the 15 day challenge!
When Sar brought up the idea of doing a 15 day challenge about a week ago I was curious...and the more I read, I decided this could be a great way for yall to get to know me a little more. So without further ado, Day 1:

15 Fun Facts about the girl behind Passion, Pink and Pearls:

1. Even numbers are my favorite. Turning the volume up or down? always has to land on an even number...Cooking something in the microwave? even number....and when it came to choosing our wedding date? Well the month and year are even! I might even be a little obsessive about this...
2. I was sorta named after Archie's Comics. My parents being the white blonde beach bums they were, were astounded when their baby girl came out with nearly black hair, solution? Name her after the black-haired girl from Archie Comics. Ironically, not too long later the hair fell out and grew back blonde, never changed it since.
3. My favorite color is pink, and I love pearls..right like that wasn't an obvious one...sorry, I get at least one easy one, don't I?
4. I've never broken a bone in my body. Well that's sorta a lie, I may have broken my pinky sticking in between the door and the door hinge back when I was like 3 but I don't really remember that.
5. I was born in the sunshine state but left before I turned one for Houston so I claim Texas as my home state. Htown represent!
6. I love love love my Dyson vacum cleaner, and I may or may not refer to him as our son...
7.  I've read ALL of Jane Austen's novels, seen all the movie renditions of the books, and have even read some of the fan fiction of Pride and Prejudice (I'm currently reading Darcy's Passions)
8.  I insist on ironing almost all our clothes, even t-shirts, before hanging them up and putting them away. My husband informs me this is a rare and pretty ridiculous habit. I think it's necessary.
9. The only channel I know on our TV is HGTV. It's pretty much all I watch. That or something on the DVR. Before we got married, my husband thought I watched some other channels, evidently not.
10. We've already named our future puppy and children. We also refer to them quite often as though they already exist, even though children are a long way off and we've not even begun looking for a puppy. Okay, that was about both me and the husband.
11. I'm obsessed with taking pictures of every moment in life. I just want to remember every sweet moment in life. Eventually, I'll get to scrapbooking all of them.
12. Sometimes when I watch TV I turn my head to the side and make some sort of funny face. I can't really explain it, other than it usually happens when I'm confused or intrigued about something. I notice it happening every now and then but usually don't notice myself...husband has recently discovered this odd habit and makes fun of me often.
13. I believe chocolate is the cure for nearly anything, Reese's is the best candy in the world,  and ice cream or frozen yogurt is the perfect treat in winter, spring, summer and fall. 
14.  Like Sar, I eat sorta vegetarian. And when I say vegetarian, I really mean my mom's version of vegetarian. The only meat my mom fed us as kids was  fish, and turkey. In college I started eating chicken. So now, I just say I don't eat red meat. 
15. I have to sleep in a dark/chilled room, with a cold pillow, under a heavy comforter. If conditions are right, I can fall asleep in under 2 minutes. In high school I fell asleep in the middle of conversations with friends, and friends got really good at operating our family's confusing TV at sleep-overs. Husband says in the time it takes him to brush his teeth, I usually conk out. 

So there you have it, 15 strange and sorta fun facts about me. Do any of these match up with you?

If you feel like joining in on the fun, just head on over to Sar's sweet blog

 One more thing before you go:
Husband's new hobby:reading the newspaper, he picked this up on our honeymoon when we were delivered the newspaper everyday to our hotel bedroom. I tried to capture him in his serious-I'm-reading-the-paper-and-learning-about-worldly-things face but he caught me and then started to laugh that I was taking a picture.


  1. Oh gosh! Okay, first off, your haircut is adorable! Your hair was cute before but it looks like it was weighing you down! Loooove the shorter hair on you.

    I also think it's hilarious your parents named you Veronica after Archie's Comics. At least it's not Betty, right?! ;)

    Chocolate cures all. Totally agree.

    So glad you're participating!

  2. Love the Archie Comics story! I was unnaturally obsessed with those when I was young...I was born in TX but moved before I was 1 also so I definitely don't say I'm from there!

    You look a lot like Amanda Seyfried!!

  3. I also love even numbers! We're trying to pick a wedding date and I really prefer it to be an even number! And we totally have dog and kids names picked out too even though they're a long way off :)

  4. Love the hair! And I literally have ironed maybe one thing in my whole life, so maybe you are just doing all my extra ironing ;) The only reason we even have an iron is because my husband has to iron his uniforms! haha

  5. It was fun reading this post! I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice too. Is Darcy's Passions any good?

  6. Your hair is super cute! I haven't broken a bone either!

  7. Found you from the challenge link up! I love your haircut. I'm seriously considering cutting my long hair and seeing yours makes me a little less scared.

    I was born in Houston :) We moved away when I was 3 though but I really want to go back and visit!


  8. AnonymousJuly 01, 2012

    Oh my goodness, I relate to so many of your list. Reese's yes. HGTV yes. Named our future kids yes. Can fall asleep in a heartbeat yes. Congrats on Newlyweddedness.

    xoxo Amber

  9. Ahh!!! New haircut! So cute Veronica, and your 15 was fun to read! :)

  10. Nice haircut! Yeah, the last time I sort-of stuck with growing out my hair was for my wedding. My mom threatened me not to go out and get my hair cut. Of course, I was only engaged for about five months so my hair wasn't terribly long then either.
    I can't really imagine loving a vacuum, that's pretty weird. I've had our future children named since I was in high school, and I've stuck to the same names too.

  11. Me and my guy have named future dogs, turtles, cats and hedgehogs. Ha. We'll see what we actually name them if/when we ever get them :)

  12. Oh this was fun to read! I love the one about your bed preferences. I am quite as specific but I can, in ideal conditions, fall asleep pretty immediately.


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