Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sushi and Sunsets

Day 7! I've made it a whole week! Todays prompt? Suggest a book and why?
Well I have a whole list of favorites but that would take too long and I'm on the cell blogging again. Instead, I'm sharing with you a book a I read a couple years ago and really enjoyed! Written by David Crowded himself, this book is humorous and offers a fresh view of the day to day life we live. Finding God in sushi and sunsets.
This book is Praise Habit
It's awesome!! Read it now!
- note: I don't know how this post became part bold print...that's what you get for using the Blogger app.
I can't end without highly suggesting Pride and Prejudice...see day one and day five for more on that.
Tall to yall later! I'm in the 15P and on the phone so I'm going to relax and converse with my team mates. Daytona here we come!


  1. I love David Crowder's Rise Up!

  2. This was one of the few books I was able to read from beginning to end. Love David Crowder, good book!


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