Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holy Mystery

Hello blogging world!  I am so glad that I've finally been able to catch up on a good chunk of your blogs. It was so good to get back in touch with yall and especially read some of yall's challenge posts as well.

Urban Serve camp here in Atlanta, Georgia is going well! We're getting close to worship time on our second day (first full day) and students are learning, serving, loving and worshipping our King! I've said before but I can't say it enough, absolutely nothing is better than to stand in the back of a worship room stuffed with students and watch them worship...just a stunning image that surely cannot be explained. It's such an overwhelming moment of such radical joy and emotion.

I'll share more about Urban Serve soon but tonight I'm going to do a little wrap up on Daytona Beach Camp. As stated before, we have Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio, Brett  Younker also led worship in the mornings (look those guys up!). Therefore, please note that this is merely my mini summarization of their words.

Louie Gilgio took the week to embrace AUDACIOUS, this summer's camp theme, and the ways in which it can be applied to our faith such as audacious worship and prayer. Now maybe you're like me and don't have a stored knowledge of the correct definition of this word so here you go: extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless.

Giglio spoke about how we are, each and every one of us, created by God Himself. We are His craftsmanship, His creativity, His design...therefore we should be audacious for that reason alone. He then spoke of how God's love for us is audacious: lavishly, extraordinarily poured out on us., looking at John 3. This spills out into audacious grace from the Lord: a party in your heart, as Giglio explained it. We see audacious grace in the passage of Luke 15, the parable of the lost son, through the grace the father pours out on his son upon his return. Because of His audacious love and audacious grace--He gives us life! In sin, we are dead, in His sovereign love and grace, we have life.
On my favorite night, Giglio spoke on audacious worship out of Luke 7:16-17. The passage is especially powerful out of the Message translation of the Bible:

They all realized they were in a place of holy mystery, that God was at work among them. They were quietly worshipful—and then noisily grateful, calling out among themselves, "God is back, looking to the needs of his people!" The news of Jesus spread all through the country.

Looking at the words: Holy Mystery and quietly worshipful and noisily grateful. God shows up in this passage and all the people can do is stand in astonishment, first quiet and just in awe and then noisy, exclaiming His glory...amazed. This passage ends with the news spreading throughout the country...this is important. It is not enough for us alone to experience holy mystery and enjoy the splendor of that moment for ourselves...we must share, we must proclaim!

With four days of two messages, you better believe there's a whole lot more to share but I'll end on that note, let it sit with you a while...maybe  you'll start to notice holy mystery in your life and become audacious!

After a not too late night of loading out from Daytona, we slept in a bit and hopped in our 15Ps (15 passenger vans) and took off for Atlanta, Georgia (as you now know we're here). And since camp didn't begin till Monday morning and we couldn't load in till Sunday night, we got some free time in this great city and hit the ballpark! It was such fun between watching the game, escaping the sun, and enjoying time with our team.
Our teammate, Katherine (the one with the great blog), took this great picture of us there:

Let Go and Let God!

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