Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

Good morning bloggers! Want to know some excellent news? I don't have to go to work!! YAY FOURTH OF JULY! I just have to say, that celebrating the fourth of July is one of my favorite parts of summer...fireworks? Heck yes! I love fireworks! I'm also super excited for our fun evening we have planned.

In Norman, you can go to the local park and watch a pretty awesome firework display. People "camp out"( by camp out, I mean snag a great spot to watch the show and claim your territory with chairs and blankets galore...not literally camp out under the stars, I was asked this yesterday) and bring food, play games and chill before the show begins. We went last year just for the show. This year we're bringing the chow, more friends and loads of fun. Everyone is bringing something tasty to our mini Fourth of July party.

I will attempt to make 4th of July Bark from the blog, Love Stitched, which I found via pinterest. So I'll have to let you know how that goes.

 Day 4: What's your favorite childhood memory?

Goodness what a hard prompt! I know for sure that I can't pick one favorite, I couldn't even pick one favorite article of clothing yesterday! How on earth can I pick one memory? These prompts are impossible...definitely not made of a girl of many words.

So instead of a sweet story of my most favorite memory, how's a couple snippets of multiple memories?

1. Crafting up a storm with my sisters during the summers...we made everything from homemade playdough and dollhouses to a sister cardboard car!
Can you guess which one is me?

2. Playing house with my best friend, my sisters, and her siblings...we were ridiculous but oh what fun we shared! Probably about 99% of the time, I played the mom...who was surprised about that one? There was always quite a mess to clean up after one of those afternoons.

3. Family vacations: We traveled as much as possible and we always had a good time, be it on a super long drive with my mom reading us books, like the Doll People (great book people!), or taking an airplane. Beaches in Florida and the slopes of Telluride, CO were our most frequented visits. I'll never forget all the lovely surprises and awesome vacas my mommy planned out for us!
Family Vacation to Destin, FL

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  1. I remember loving to play Teacher, so I would write my "friends" names on popsicle sticks and then draw one out for who had to do a specific chore (even though they wre fictitious friends and I'd do all the chores). So sweet memories, Veronica!


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