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Getting to Know: Student Life

You've heard me say it enough times, Student Life, What is it? Who is it? What do they do? Well I'm going to answer that for you now.

From their website: "Student Life exits to help teenagers know Christ through His Word. We believe that God's Word is relevant and instructive for the challenges students face today. our goal is to elevate God's Word so that life-change can happen with the community of your teenagers."

Student Life is a Christian camp for teenagers. The office is based in Bham, Alabama and they send out 4-5 teams in the summer of 20 or so college students with 2 adult leaders to various parts of the country putting on camp. The venues for the camps range from condos on the beach to public and private college campuses. 
My Team, Aqua the Great! Summer 2010
So basically, a team of 20 or so college students and their 2 leaders (director and coordinator) show up at a site, set up camp and prepare for the hundreds to sometimes thousands of high school and middle school students to arrive with their church groups. All a youth group has to do it show up with their students, youth pastor, and a couple leaders...everything else is put on by Student Life. As they indicate on their website, "It's a week of focused  learning, worship, relevant drama, fun community building and most important, God's Word on center stage." 

As a college student, I can't think of many other better ways to spend your summer. I mean you get to work for God, that's stinkin awesome, you get to meet a group of other college who share your beliefs, never enough fellowship, you get to touch students lives for Christ, nothing in the world is better than that, you get to travel the US a little, and you actually get paid too! 
Aqua Team Office Staff. Summer 2010
To me, it's so incredible to watch a whole camp be run by a group of college students. When I worked a couple summers back I was the PR/Internet Coordinator (sadly this position is gone; but you can see some of my favorite pictures I took on my website!) and I took pictures and basically blogged about camp so parents could be in-tuned to what their kids were learning and doing. I loved it! But part of that position that I think made it really unique was that I got to watch every single one of my team members do their positions.

Each year there's a new theme. This year's theme: Audacious. Based off the verse 1 Corinthians 16:13, this year's theme is about teaching students to be bold in Christ, changing their Christian life to what God has for them. "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong." 1Corinth. 16:13

A couple summers ago, Kevin and I's first summer together as a couple, we both embarked upon working for StudentLife. Put on different teams, it was a big stepping stone in our relationship, could we make it the whole summer? End of May to Mid August. With God's help we did. More important we built our own faith, made some great new friendships and touched students lives almost every day. It was a fantastic summer for both of us. Last summer, we both stayed in Norman and worked jobs, missing StudentLife like crazy, but still having a pretty great summer.
Yes, that's Charlie Hall. Oh yeah, forgot to mention another awesome part is getting to know world known musicians and speakers! Incredible!
During this spring semester, Kevin got a call from StudentLife asking him if the two of us would be interested in coming back for a special two week session during the summer. Kevin was hesitent, I was excited, and we prayed. And we asked our parents to pray. And we asking our marriage counselor to pray. And we made a decision with, jumping out on faith, to join the team, in a matter of 48 hours. So here we are, about to embark on a fantastic adventure of serving God side by side, as husband and wife to touch students lives, to make our Saviors Name known. 

Would you pray for us as we set out? We will be making a long road trip down to Bham on Thursday and then we check-in and become part of Green Team 2012 (or as we've been told, Party Team 2012) on Friday, July 6! Also, pray for the students, whose lives we'll come in contact with, that their hearts will be open and that they may truly experience the Lord.

Then keep watch because while I'll still be participating in the 15 Day Challenge, I'll also be doing my best to keep you guys updated on our adventure. I hope to share what God's teaching through the leaders and some of the miracles we may experience. I know God is about to move big.

Training Week Orange vs Aqua. Summer 2010 (look at as young ones)

Want to know more? Just ask me or check out the Student Life website. I loved loved loved working for this awesome company and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions, silly or serious.

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