Friday, July 13, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

It is Day 13 of this challenge with Sar at Life of Love ( the hubs informed me that my blogger app auto corrected your name to sad, sorry Sar!). There are only 2 days left and while I've enjoyed it, I'll also be glad to finish the challenge.

Today's challenge is to tell some of you lovelies about my favorites. I have many favorites in this world, as many of us do. I tried to think of how I would break this down, if I'd share one favorite or categorize favorites...well I've decided to just give you a random listing of favorites in no particular order. 

So with that: A Random Assortment of Favorites:
  • My husband: He's my best friend, I can talk to him about anything, he serves me, takes care of me, loves me with all that he is... and currently he's brushing my hair, and that's always awesome. ( he also braids, see here)
  • Boy Meets World, come one now, who can't agree that was the best tv show ever?! To some extent I married Cory Matthews (see here)
  • Reading, I enjoy fiction mostly but currently I'm reading about Jackie Kennedy and really enjoying that  as well.
  • Pictures...documenting life with pictures
  • My pillow, whom I sometimes personify.
  • The great state of Texas! (see here)
  • Sea turtles (see here)
  • The University of Oklahoma....BOOMER SOONER!
  • PEARLS! and PINK! hence the blog name...
  • My Jesus, My Savior, My Father (see here and here)
  • Notting Hill...the best romantic comedy of all time
  • Sigma Phi Lambda, the Christian sorority on campus at OU that I was blessed to be apart of for 4 years!
  • The 50's...I would wear those beautiful classy dresses every day of my life if I could!
  • Interior Design, of course
  • Chocolate and peanut butter...they compliment each other so well. This means that Reese's is indeed the best candy.
  • Victorian architecture
  • Brad Paisley...I shall see this man in concert one day
  • Disney (though I don't compare to my sister on this)
  • Family
  • The Sound of Musics (hence post title)

...Well I'm sure there's more but we'll end there. I'm off to rest!

Stay Tuned: Daytona Camp wrap up tomorrow!


  1. Those are some great favorites. I could also wear 50's dresses forever, and Brad Paisley is amazing! It would be awesome to be able to go to a concert...but I also just love all of his music videos!

  2. Ha! No worries! You can call me Sarah too, unless your app auto-corrects it to "Sara" and then your app and I are official enemies. :)

    I love that your husband braids. Adorable!

    Who doesn't love pink?! I mean, it's that great!

    Mmmmm, peanut butter...


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