Friday, July 27, 2012

Everyday Surprises

 When I met my husband he was wearing a basketball jersey with a white tshirt underneath, a cross necklace, jean shorts(at least a size too big), tallish white socks with  black basketball shoes and topped it all off with a ball cap (pretty sure his student ID was hanging around his neck too).

 It seems ever since that first meeting, not a day goes by that I don't discover something new, perhaps odd, and definitely unique about my husband. From basketball fashion to silly sayings, that man is constantly surprising me in the everyday. And although some things we change,...some we laugh about...and some we learn to love.

The other night we were having a complete giggle fest and for the heck of it I decided to google his name. Kevin C Burns draws a lot of hits...and surprinsingly a lot of them really were him! Except this guy, that's not my husband. Kevin shows up on twitter, facebook, myspace, and the list goes on and on and then we reached this one, my friends please click on that link. WHO KNEW?! The husband has a blog too! Haha, boy did I enjoy flipping through some of these old pictures...oh sweet man, I'm glad we met later in life, and you're glad too (we're not showing old high school photos of me here).

He doesn't like PB&J and thinks cold noodles are terrible; he loves brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts and eats them everyday for breakfast; he thinks sports jerseys are perfectly acceptable to wear out and about (maybe you do too,but we've decided they're for watching games only) and supports every team he loves with deep passion; as a child he played sports by himself, and taped/chalked out the court/field patterns to exact specifications; he's always wanted to be a meteorologist and makes his own snow forecasts when there's a chance; he knows practically every christian music artists names/songs and only recently came to know and love pop/rap music; JT is his man crush and he can sing every word of several of his songs; sometimes he thinks he's from Canada or Australia or England and I never know what I'll get when I call him ( I'm concerned our kids won't know how to speak properly); If I'd let him, he'd grow out his beard to a ridiculous length and become a cave-like man; he wants his room pitch black at night and thinks we have to have black curtains or else it won't be; he has the goofiest laugh when you tickle him on his side and I have his dad to thank for that trick; he used to go by CDOT because he had a website and has many convinced he only has a middle initial, no name; he once hit a beaver while driving on a road trip, and you'll have to ask him for more info on that......
.....he has the sweetest nature, the most kind spirit, a deep trust with our Savior, and loves me more than I ever imagined I could be loved.

So while all these, and many other quirks, could make me go crazy, I choose instead to laugh a little and love a lot of these special, unique, rather silly but absolutely 100% Kevin C Burns.

ps: remember how I promised a honeymoon post, well it's coming I promise! Our computer, that has all our photos on it died...but we can recover them! However, that's what has set me back...well that and camp and the 15 day challenge. (read about camp and challenge here).


  1. Too cute! Love this little story.

  2. Man, you married a stud. I love that guy...but not as much as you of course.

  3. LOVE this, Veronica! :)


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