Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Happy Day for some Monday letters that will hopefully catch yall up on the past few days and prep you for some upcoming posts.

Dear Monday, I missed my 8-5 job so thanks for bringing it back to me. You're not a terrible Monday so far, I'm actually enjoying getting back into my routine. Like running, I missed running these past 2 body did too!

Dear 15 Day Challenge,  I really adored doing you and I learned about myself as well, however, between camp and you, I'm worn posts will be slow coming for a little bit. Learn more about me:

Dear Sar, Thanks for the challenge! It was a great way to make new friends and learn about the blogging world.

Dear Camp, WHOA! You're over and I'm home already...this is crazyness. It was so great to go back and be a part of you again, 2 weeks was the perfect amount of time! I have to recap about you for our second week of that's coming soon. Check out some of our time in Daytona ( see here, hereherehere, and LOTS HERE) and learn about some of what the Lord taught me/ (see here)!

Dear Bloggers, I'm so blessed by you all! I can't believe there's 52 of you following me! WOW! Incredible! My first post wasn't that long ago and I'm so thankful for community I've found with yall.
Dear Long Drive Home, at first when we thought about 12 hours, we thought sure no biggie, we like road trips! Then we had to face the fact that we were quite exhausted after two weeks of camp and you required more energy than we had. We made the grown up decision to stop for the night and stayed for the first time in a cheap motel, Executive Inn. Here's to new experiences and glad that we only stayed a night!
Dear Lacey's Wedding, You were beautiful and perfect! I couldn't be more thrilled to finally see you happen after nearly four years! Cheers to the happy couple, we pray a lifetime of happiness for these high school sweethearts! (better, non-phone pics to come)

Dear Dark Knight Rises and Bachelorette finale, I adored six hours of movies/television on Sunday. You both made my day! Good luck to Emily and Jef, hope you break the Bachelor/Bachelorette tendency of not staying together.

Dear Week, here we go!

Dear Blogger, What's up with shoving my sidebar items to the bottom of the page? Anyone else notice this? Anyone else have this problem? Seriousness, I need help!


  1. WOOHOO for followers, the 15 Day Challenge, and friends' weddings!

  2. Whooo Hoo! New Followers are the best! Glad you had a great time at camp.


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