Sunday, July 8, 2012


Good evening bloggers! This camp schedule is throwing me off of my blogging schedule so bear with me as I figure it out. Today is load in, that is take everything out of our trucks and set up camp. Basically, it's a full busy day with pauses for eating and occasional pauses for getting things on track. Currently, it's one of those second pauses. The husband has been working tech world all day, ie: all the media crazyness that goes on to make this show happen! We've got Chris Tomlin and Louie Gilgio coming so we gotta prep!
That's Reg Day apparel right there!

Apart from camp, it's Day 8 of the Challenge. Day 8 prompt: Describe the good, the bad, and the ugly about yourself.

Well that's a deep and revealing topic but I'll be hones with you, short due to my time constraint but honest. So here we go:

The Good: I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I'll be friends with just about anyone and I'll try and give my all to every friendship.

The Bad: Sometimes because of my good trait, my ability to really zero in on some friendships and be a real friend to everyone falls short. So I fail on calling people and keeping up with people and their lives and their hearts...I just forget.

On another, less deep note, I'm terrible at remembering new people's names...serious, it's a problem.

The Ugly: I'm incredibly impatient. I've also got a bad attitude about my old beaten up car...when it breaks down, I say when because inevitably it always does every other month or so, I cry and throw a complete selfish whine fest about how my life is so hard with my 18 year old car. I don't know how my father has dealt with that selfish act so many times before.

It's back to Student Life stuff for me. Most likely we'll be here late into the night setting up for Reg Day tomorrow (reg day: registration day: when all the campers and their youth pastors check-in to camp, get their t-shirts and their camp booklets-called the magazine, and find out other odds and ends...) with around 200+ churches to check-in it'll be another very long day but God is good and He will be our strength!

You should check out this awesome new gal I just met on my team here in Daytona...Katherine has been posting all about her summer with StudentLife. She's a full time mission staff, and part of the yellow traveling team so she's here with us on green team at Daytona to give us some extra hands.  She also stopped by to help out my original team, Aqua, so you should check her blog and see some of my fam from summer 2010!

Bring on the 2000+ people! #PT12!

Ps: Missed part of the challenge? See:


  1. You're kicking butt at this challenge thing! Love it!

    I'm extremely good at remembering people's names, which is weird because my memory isn't really that great! It just seems like something that's important to me so I make sure to remember people!

  2. Great list! Even though I've known you for 4 years, I'm learning so much about you through this!

    On a funny note about the names, Tyler and I still love to laugh at how many times you introduced yourself to him freshman year. haha, good good memories from freshman year. ;)


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