Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yes it's true, I've been watching the Bachelorette. Emily is pretty darn precious, and I kind of adore her accent, and she looks like barbie.... But in all seriousness, as much as I love watching this show, and yall I really look forward to it every week, I don't buy into. I love it for the awesome places they go, for the cool dates, for the sometimes really funny drama scenes, and of course to see who wins, oh I mean whom Emily picks. But really? You plan to find true love while being filmed? And dating way too many guys? This is not real life.

But hey, it's still a blast to watch! And I'm not here to bash the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and I certainly don't think any less of you who watch it. It's fun! So last night was the hometowns episode....what did yall think? Who's going to make it???

Now onto Day three of the 15 Day Challenge with Sar.
Day 3: Tell us about an article of clothing you're attached to.

This is hard one for me...there's the old t-shirt I love, my favorite Phi Lamb shirt has been worn one too many times I am sure of it, my prom dress, the go-to top, etc. I wouldn't consider myself a clothes crazy person, it's just that I tend to keep things I like forever...so instead of a single article of clothing I'm attached to, I'll give you 8!

 1. My favorite Phi Lamb tshirt: If I'm going to wear a t-shirt, 9 times out of 10 I betcha I pick this one. I love the colors and the fit, it's loose but not too loose, and it's super soft...when we were dating my husband got super tired of it. Sorry hubs, it's not going anywhere. 2. My Phi Lamb fleece: I know two phi lamb things right in a row...I'm sorry, but not really. I wear this sweatshirt anytime I need something to warm me up, it basically lives on me in the winter. It has a zipper all the way up, I love that I don't have to pull it up and over my head And yes there is a giant sheep in the picture with us (learn more about Betsie  here). 3. A blue top from The Limited, or one of those stores, I got in my senior year of High School. It's the perfect top for any occasion. It's fitted but slimming and it's got a sorta deep neck but still modest. The color is great, the material is oh so soft! It goes well will slacks, jeans, skirt, shorts....I'll keep this one for as long as I can! 4. My Oklahoma football shirt: my favorite OU t-shirt. I just love the graphic, and the fit and the length...it's great! It was made even better this last football season as I was able to get Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles to sign it! SWEET! 5. A lacey top from RUE21: I got this to wear for Valentine's Day two years ago and just adore it. It's off white and lacey with a cute dotted neckline, like pearls. It too goes great with a skirt, jeans, slacks, shorts. In that picture we were at a wedding show. 6. My prom dress: I love that dress, it fit perfect off the rack, it is pink, it has some sparkle...man I adored that dress that night. And then I got to wear again for a Phi Lamb formal, and then I wore it again for Halloween as Glenda the good witch, and then I wore it again as Sleeping Beauty (yep that's hubby being Prince Phillip, he even had a real sword...that was a great party). And yet I still refuse to get rid of it, surely my daughter will want to wear it to her prom, right? 7.  Red dress from BCBG: I tried this dress on for fun when some of my bmaids and I went shopping for their dresses. I sent a pic to my mom, who works as a sales associate for BCBG, and next thing I know it, it's in my mailbox...it's a good thing to have her working there. I wore it for my first shower around Christmas time and again to my final Phi Lamb formal. That dress is awesome and I need another occasion to wear it so quick someone throw a dinner party! 8. Last but not least my wedding gown: I adore, love, and am completely obsessed with my wedding gown. The fit, the sweetheart neckline, the belt of crystals and PEARLS! I love the skirt, the perfect amount of poof for me...everything. I want to wear this dress everyday of my life! (read about when I said Yes to the dress!)

So there you have it. My articles of clothing I have deep attachments to. It's strange that there's not more dresses in there, I wear a dress as much as possible.

Your turn, join in on the fun with Sar or just comment below!


  1. Not gonna lie, I watch Bachelorette, too, haha. I really want Emily to pick Jef or Sean! But I know Ari has a good chance, too...next week is gonna be SO emotional :p

  2. Great choices! Picking a favorite was really hard for me too--I like so many of my clothes for so many different reasons! I love that you've used and re-used your prom dress for so many occasions!

  3. #3 is what you were wearing when we met for the first time too!

    and Tyler, I watch it with her. Glad to see another guy is watching it. I'm pulling for Sean.

  4. Your wedding dress is gorgeous! Oh Bachelorette... I think she'll choose Arie but Sean is my favorite. I love his sense of humor. Jef is great too.. I think any of them would be a good choice! She does seem serious about finding love, though, so I hope this works out for her!

  5. I love your prom dress! Your wedding dress is gorgeous. You looked amazing!

  6. I love that you have all of these pieces of clothing that mean a lot to you! That's really telling about your choices of clothing; I love this!

  7. HA! I was wondering when I would read an entry where someone actually uses their wedding dress...congratulations - you are the first :) You dress is BEAUTIFUL and you look stunning :) Great choice.


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