Friday, July 6, 2012

5 People

Well folks, it's day 5 of this challenge and I'm in a car, on the hubs laptop, and writing out my post, as promised. ...when I wrote this it was still Day 5 and I was in the car but alas the computer battery quit and I wasn't able to access this post here we are a day late...sorry friends.

Today's Post? 5 people you'd like to have dinner with.

1. Candice Olson: This woman is a fabulous designer who is widely known for her work shown on Divine Design on HGTV. She's beautiful, she's talented, and she seems to balance her life quite well too. I'd love to talk design with her and find out more about her career road. Her work is stunning! Just google her name and you'll see thousands of images of spaces she's designed.

2. Jane Austen: I am quite possibly obsessed with this woman's talent for writing beautiful novels. To chat over some of her characters and possibly what she envisioned for their futures, past the novels' end, would just be a blast. Perhaps she could even bring along Mr. Darcy! (side note: did you know Bath has a Jane Austen Centre? New bucket list item!)

3. My Great Grandmother Ginny: My sister's name came from our great grandmother. My mother and really all our family speaks so highly of her and I was too young to ever truly know her before her passing. It would be wonderful to dine with the woman who birthed my grandmother and my four great aunts and uncles.
4. LeAnne Tuohy: Last year I had the chance to listen to this woman speak at our university for a special event put on my one of the greek sororities. Her story is incredibly touching and the movie truly is beautiful. Just listening to her that night inspired me, I'd love a chance to know more, to hear about her faith, to learn how she juggles it all, etc. Not to mention, she's an interior designer so bring on the design knowledge!!

5. Paul from the Bible: Finally, Paul from the Bible, alive when Jesus walked our earth. This man experienced remarkable growth and miraculous moments in His life and I think I could just listen to him talk and talk and talk. He wrote several of the books we read today in our Bibles. His passion, his faith...his life is one we can all learn from and relate to. He could bring Jesus too, cause it'd be pretty great to have dinner with Him too. ;)

Of course, I have to say I'd love for my sweet hubby to join in on this awesome dinner as well.

Did you figure out which little girl I am from yesterday's post?

On a final note, totally gross bathrooms in gas stations on road trips...why on earth would one spend an extra few minutes in those gross fests to write on the bathroom stalls??? Please explain yourself!

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