Monday, July 30, 2012

1000 Days!

Yesterday morning I woke up to a sweet message from my hubby: we've been together over 1,000 days now! God has blessed us in so many ways in that time but the one I treasure most is marrying you. I love you and I look forward to tens of thousands of days together for the rest of our lives!
We've been together 1000 days!!! I couldn't have planned the past 1000 days of my life any better! SO honored and SO happy to be married to this man! ( and for some reason, celebrating 1000 days made me think of this book, anyone remember it?).

As for the rest of our weekend? Here's a random rambling:

I discovered the cricut! What's a cricut, you ask? An amazing machine that allows you to make your own di-cuts, if you're old enough to remember those. It does a number of other things too. My friend let me play on hers for a bit the other night and it was pretty fun but I doubt I'll be investing into one of my own anytime soon....pricy!

On Saturday morning we played tennis in the OU Tennis Facility with some of our friends. Pretty much all of us are terrible, with the exception of my hubby-who should just go pro ;), so we learned to practice our form and actually hit the tennis balls of the net with this handy machine. It was a lot of fun although my arm has been nagging on me ever's been feeling weirdly numb for the past two weeks and playing tennis definitely didn't help the case (good thing I go to the doctor's today!).

The family I nannied for, for like 7 years finally were able to adopt the four children they'd been fostering for around a year or so. I couldn't be happier for this sweet family! Spend anytime around me and you'll soon learn my deep love and respect for the Obers. When I began with them all they had were their own two little girls, and even back then Eric had told me they would eventually have ten. The Obers are some of the sweetest, most loving, most God honoring families I know. They've gone through so much in life and yet they never waiver in their trust in the Lord. He surely has blessed them.

Anyone else take AP English in high school? Remember AP practice writing essays? Well I'm pretty sure I did one at least every week in the 11th grade...but this pile is from all four years of high school! Can't believe I held onto all of them! Anyone else hold onto school papers?

This weekend we also bought curtains for our master bedroom and cleaned up one messy corner. Looking more and more like home every weekend. We have a few more projects to finish up there but eventually I'll share some pictures.

Check back tomorrow because the honeymoon post will be here, FINALLY!!!

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