Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Honeymoon Revealed!

Hello Bloggers! Today I am over at Everything Emily to share about a beach experience...and what better beach experience to share than our honeymoon?! Hooray I'm finally posting about it!! My promise way back is finally coming to life.

So head on over to learn about our tips and secrets to have a honeymoon full of fun, adventures and relaxation!

What did you do for your honeymoon?

Monday, July 30, 2012

1000 Days!

Yesterday morning I woke up to a sweet message from my hubby: we've been together over 1,000 days now! God has blessed us in so many ways in that time but the one I treasure most is marrying you. I love you and I look forward to tens of thousands of days together for the rest of our lives!
We've been together 1000 days!!! I couldn't have planned the past 1000 days of my life any better! SO honored and SO happy to be married to this man! ( and for some reason, celebrating 1000 days made me think of this book, anyone remember it?).

As for the rest of our weekend? Here's a random rambling:

I discovered the cricut! What's a cricut, you ask? An amazing machine that allows you to make your own di-cuts, if you're old enough to remember those. It does a number of other things too. My friend let me play on hers for a bit the other night and it was pretty fun but I doubt I'll be investing into one of my own anytime soon....pricy!

On Saturday morning we played tennis in the OU Tennis Facility with some of our friends. Pretty much all of us are terrible, with the exception of my hubby-who should just go pro ;), so we learned to practice our form and actually hit the tennis balls of the net with this handy machine. It was a lot of fun although my arm has been nagging on me ever since...it's been feeling weirdly numb for the past two weeks and playing tennis definitely didn't help the case (good thing I go to the doctor's today!).

The family I nannied for, for like 7 years finally were able to adopt the four children they'd been fostering for around a year or so. I couldn't be happier for this sweet family! Spend anytime around me and you'll soon learn my deep love and respect for the Obers. When I began with them all they had were their own two little girls, and even back then Eric had told me they would eventually have ten. The Obers are some of the sweetest, most loving, most God honoring families I know. They've gone through so much in life and yet they never waiver in their trust in the Lord. He surely has blessed them.

Anyone else take AP English in high school? Remember AP practice writing essays? Well I'm pretty sure I did one at least every week in the 11th grade...but this pile is from all four years of high school! Can't believe I held onto all of them! Anyone else hold onto school papers?

This weekend we also bought curtains for our master bedroom and cleaned up one messy corner. Looking more and more like home every weekend. We have a few more projects to finish up there but eventually I'll share some pictures.

Check back tomorrow because the honeymoon post will be here, FINALLY!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Everyday Surprises

 When I met my husband he was wearing a basketball jersey with a white tshirt underneath, a cross necklace, jean shorts(at least a size too big), tallish white socks with  black basketball shoes and topped it all off with a ball cap (pretty sure his student ID was hanging around his neck too).

 It seems ever since that first meeting, not a day goes by that I don't discover something new, perhaps odd, and definitely unique about my husband. From basketball fashion to silly sayings, that man is constantly surprising me in the everyday. And although some things we change,...some we laugh about...and some we learn to love.

The other night we were having a complete giggle fest and for the heck of it I decided to google his name. Kevin C Burns draws a lot of hits...and surprinsingly a lot of them really were him! Except this guy, that's not my husband. Kevin shows up on twitter, facebook, myspace, and the list goes on and on and then we reached this one, my friends please click on that link. WHO KNEW?! The husband has a blog too! Haha, boy did I enjoy flipping through some of these old pictures...oh sweet man, I'm glad we met later in life, and you're glad too (we're not showing old high school photos of me here).

He doesn't like PB&J and thinks cold noodles are terrible; he loves brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts and eats them everyday for breakfast; he thinks sports jerseys are perfectly acceptable to wear out and about (maybe you do too,but we've decided they're for watching games only) and supports every team he loves with deep passion; as a child he played sports by himself, and taped/chalked out the court/field patterns to exact specifications; he's always wanted to be a meteorologist and makes his own snow forecasts when there's a chance; he knows practically every christian music artists names/songs and only recently came to know and love pop/rap music; JT is his man crush and he can sing every word of several of his songs; sometimes he thinks he's from Canada or Australia or England and I never know what I'll get when I call him ( I'm concerned our kids won't know how to speak properly); If I'd let him, he'd grow out his beard to a ridiculous length and become a cave-like man; he wants his room pitch black at night and thinks we have to have black curtains or else it won't be; he has the goofiest laugh when you tickle him on his side and I have his dad to thank for that trick; he used to go by CDOT because he had a website and has many convinced he only has a middle initial, no name; he once hit a beaver while driving on a road trip, and you'll have to ask him for more info on that......
.....he has the sweetest nature, the most kind spirit, a deep trust with our Savior, and loves me more than I ever imagined I could be loved.

So while all these, and many other quirks, could make me go crazy, I choose instead to laugh a little and love a lot of these special, unique, rather silly but absolutely 100% Kevin C Burns.

ps: remember how I promised a honeymoon post, well it's coming I promise! Our computer, that has all our photos on it died...but we can recover them! However, that's what has set me back...well that and camp and the 15 day challenge. (read about camp and challenge here).

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Happy Day for some Monday letters that will hopefully catch yall up on the past few days and prep you for some upcoming posts.

Dear Monday, I missed my 8-5 job so thanks for bringing it back to me. You're not a terrible Monday so far, I'm actually enjoying getting back into my routine. Like running, I missed running these past 2 weeks...my body did too!

Dear 15 Day Challenge,  I really adored doing you and I learned about myself as well, however, between camp and you, I'm worn out...blog posts will be slow coming for a little bit. Learn more about me:

Dear Sar, Thanks for the challenge! It was a great way to make new friends and learn about the blogging world.

Dear Camp, WHOA! You're over and I'm home already...this is crazyness. It was so great to go back and be a part of you again, 2 weeks was the perfect amount of time! I have to recap about you for our second week of camp...so that's coming soon. Check out some of our time in Daytona ( see here, hereherehere, and LOTS HERE) and learn about some of what the Lord taught me/ (see here)!

Dear Bloggers, I'm so blessed by you all! I can't believe there's 52 of you following me! WOW! Incredible! My first post wasn't that long ago and I'm so thankful for community I've found with yall.
Dear Long Drive Home, at first when we thought about 12 hours, we thought sure no biggie, we like road trips! Then we had to face the fact that we were quite exhausted after two weeks of camp and you required more energy than we had. We made the grown up decision to stop for the night and stayed for the first time in a cheap motel, Executive Inn. Here's to new experiences and glad that we only stayed a night!
Dear Lacey's Wedding, You were beautiful and perfect! I couldn't be more thrilled to finally see you happen after nearly four years! Cheers to the happy couple, we pray a lifetime of happiness for these high school sweethearts! (better, non-phone pics to come)

Dear Dark Knight Rises and Bachelorette finale, I adored six hours of movies/television on Sunday. You both made my day! Good luck to Emily and Jef, hope you break the Bachelor/Bachelorette tendency of not staying together.

Dear Week, here we go!

Dear Blogger, What's up with shoving my sidebar items to the bottom of the page? Anyone else notice this? Anyone else have this problem? Seriousness, I need help!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holy Mystery

Hello blogging world!  I am so glad that I've finally been able to catch up on a good chunk of your blogs. It was so good to get back in touch with yall and especially read some of yall's challenge posts as well.

Urban Serve camp here in Atlanta, Georgia is going well! We're getting close to worship time on our second day (first full day) and students are learning, serving, loving and worshipping our King! I've said before but I can't say it enough, absolutely nothing is better than to stand in the back of a worship room stuffed with students and watch them worship...just a stunning image that surely cannot be explained. It's such an overwhelming moment of such radical joy and emotion.

I'll share more about Urban Serve soon but tonight I'm going to do a little wrap up on Daytona Beach Camp. As stated before, we have Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio, Brett  Younker also led worship in the mornings (look those guys up!). Therefore, please note that this is merely my mini summarization of their words.

Louie Gilgio took the week to embrace AUDACIOUS, this summer's camp theme, and the ways in which it can be applied to our faith such as audacious worship and prayer. Now maybe you're like me and don't have a stored knowledge of the correct definition of this word so here you go: extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless.

Giglio spoke about how we are, each and every one of us, created by God Himself. We are His craftsmanship, His creativity, His design...therefore we should be audacious for that reason alone. He then spoke of how God's love for us is audacious: lavishly, extraordinarily poured out on us., looking at John 3. This spills out into audacious grace from the Lord: a party in your heart, as Giglio explained it. We see audacious grace in the passage of Luke 15, the parable of the lost son, through the grace the father pours out on his son upon his return. Because of His audacious love and audacious grace--He gives us life! In sin, we are dead, in His sovereign love and grace, we have life.
On my favorite night, Giglio spoke on audacious worship out of Luke 7:16-17. The passage is especially powerful out of the Message translation of the Bible:

They all realized they were in a place of holy mystery, that God was at work among them. They were quietly worshipful—and then noisily grateful, calling out among themselves, "God is back, looking to the needs of his people!" The news of Jesus spread all through the country.

Looking at the words: Holy Mystery and quietly worshipful and noisily grateful. God shows up in this passage and all the people can do is stand in astonishment, first quiet and just in awe and then noisy, exclaiming His glory...amazed. This passage ends with the news spreading throughout the country...this is important. It is not enough for us alone to experience holy mystery and enjoy the splendor of that moment for ourselves...we must share, we must proclaim!

With four days of two messages, you better believe there's a whole lot more to share but I'll end on that note, let it sit with you a while...maybe  you'll start to notice holy mystery in your life and become audacious!

After a not too late night of loading out from Daytona, we slept in a bit and hopped in our 15Ps (15 passenger vans) and took off for Atlanta, Georgia (as you now know we're here). And since camp didn't begin till Monday morning and we couldn't load in till Sunday night, we got some free time in this great city and hit the ballpark! It was such fun between watching the game, escaping the sun, and enjoying time with our team.
Our teammate, Katherine (the one with the great blog), took this great picture of us there:

Let Go and Let God!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Movies and Compliments

Well bloggers we've made it to our final day of the challenge with Sar. I missed the second to last day due to it being our first day off and hanging with our team. Soooo I will make up yesterday and complete the challenge prompt today as well.

Yesterday's prompt was: if you could only have one movie for the rest of time, what would it be?

That's a tough one because I'm a movie person...I love them! Basically all genres but horror, no thank you/ As I said on Friday's post, my favorite movie is Notting Hill. And while Sar made the point that we don't necessarily have to pick our favorite, I think I am. Notting Hill is a romantic comedy with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, and it's about her being a movie star and him being some regular 'ole chap who just so happens to randomly meet her and fall in love with her. I love this movie! It's super funny, "we believe vegetables have feelings....so these carrots?...have been murdered, yes," is that line not evidence enough?The humor is sly and nonchalant at times so you have to pay attention to get it all...which makes it a great movie to watch over and over again. It's also loaded with British accents, always a plus! And although in the end they do come together, it's got some twists and turns in it. It also finishes out their story, which is another great reason to love it! It shows them getting married, learning to live with her fame and finally with her being pregnant...sorry if I've totally just spoiled it, I promise you'd love it despite all I've told you.

My favorite part:
Not to mention, this movie has a beautiful soundtrack!

DAY 15!!! Oh my! I can't believe it's over!!!
The prompt today is what is the greatest compliment you've ever received?

Goodness, I adore how my husband is always loving me with his words. However, I think I'd have to say the best was a student telling me she enjoyed watching me worship. I tend to dance in worship...it's just something I do, I feel it best expresses my joy of singing to my Jesus. When this student told me this, it just filled me up. Of everything I do on this earth I want the Lord to be known, not me. So that was the best compliment, because basically it was compliment of God in me, shining through, and that, my friends, is what living is all about...making our God known!

This challenge was such fun Sar! I am so glad I participated despite the strange hours and doubled challenges. Other challenge goers, I will catch up on reading yalls challenge posts soon! I just haven't had the time to really sit down and read through blogs...but I shall! Though it may be when I get home, so in that case when I post a comment on a blog post a week or so ago just go with it.

I promised I'd share Daytona Beach Camp wrap up today but I don't want to overwhelm this post so hopefully I can get that to you tomorrow. Tomorrow we begin Urban Serve here in Atlanta, Georgia. The second and final week of camp for Party Team 12! It's flying by so fast.

Today, we are going to real church! We are actually headed to the home church of Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin, called Passion City (they host the Passion college conference too, you should check that out). 

Tonight we have to load in our camp, starting at 6pm! So pray for energy for us and that we can get it done quickly and smoothly so we aren't up too late. See you later bloggers, I'm off to worship my King and be refilled with His Word!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

It is Day 13 of this challenge with Sar at Life of Love ( the hubs informed me that my blogger app auto corrected your name to sad, sorry Sar!). There are only 2 days left and while I've enjoyed it, I'll also be glad to finish the challenge.

Today's challenge is to tell some of you lovelies about my favorites. I have many favorites in this world, as many of us do. I tried to think of how I would break this down, if I'd share one favorite or categorize favorites...well I've decided to just give you a random listing of favorites in no particular order. 

So with that: A Random Assortment of Favorites:
  • My husband: He's my best friend, I can talk to him about anything, he serves me, takes care of me, loves me with all that he is... and currently he's brushing my hair, and that's always awesome. ( he also braids, see here)
  • Boy Meets World, come one now, who can't agree that was the best tv show ever?! To some extent I married Cory Matthews (see here)
  • Reading, I enjoy fiction mostly but currently I'm reading about Jackie Kennedy and really enjoying that  as well.
  • Pictures...documenting life with pictures
  • My pillow, whom I sometimes personify.
  • The great state of Texas! (see here)
  • Sea turtles (see here)
  • The University of Oklahoma....BOOMER SOONER!
  • PEARLS! and PINK! hence the blog name...
  • My Jesus, My Savior, My Father (see here and here)
  • Notting Hill...the best romantic comedy of all time
  • Sigma Phi Lambda, the Christian sorority on campus at OU that I was blessed to be apart of for 4 years!
  • The 50's...I would wear those beautiful classy dresses every day of my life if I could!
  • Interior Design, of course
  • Chocolate and peanut butter...they compliment each other so well. This means that Reese's is indeed the best candy.
  • Victorian architecture
  • Brad Paisley...I shall see this man in concert one day
  • Disney (though I don't compare to my sister on this)
  • Family
  • The Sound of Musics (hence post title)

...Well I'm sure there's more but we'll end there. I'm off to rest!

Stay Tuned: Daytona Camp wrap up tomorrow!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 12

Today is day 12 of the challenge with Sad!...well yesterday was as it is now 12:30, oops!

Question today? What are you looking forward to in the next 6 months?

First thing that came to my mind was.....PUPPY!!!!!!!

I've been planning on getting a puppy after graduation for years, not a wedding...a puppy. Since I surprisingly had a wedding first I didn't get the puppy. Soon people! Soon!!! The hubs said today that we could maybe start looking around September! We already have a name, read about that in some past challenge posts. I'm on the hunt for another sweet Labrador retriever ...preferably white because you know owners are supposed to match their dogs and I have blonde hair. Ha!

Don't worry I'll keep yall updated on this new upcoming adventure in out lives!

It's been a long final day of camp but we are loaded out of the ocean center here in Daytona and we are about to head to bed soon. Onward to Georgia tomorrow!!!

Ps: the pretty puppy pic came from Google...she is not mine and the picture is not mine either.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where my youth ministers??

This morning the hubs and I had did Bible study together as the sun rose on the beach

So in morning celebration at StudentLife we find a youth minister of the day (students nominate them through various, sometimes outrageous, routes...today's? someone made a muppet that looked like their youth minister!). As we welcome this youth minister of the day to the stage, we play this awesome song. I forgot about this fun song and I never tired of it even after a whole summer so I had to share.
Youth Minister of the Day
Camp is amazing! Students lives are changing and it's great to see our team stretch themselves in new ways. Today we talked about Compassion, a way to touch our world and make God's Name great. This is an beautiful organization that you can be  apart of too! So I encourage you to check it out. Kevin began sponsoring a child a few years back and now I've been able to join him in that, I'm so excited to dive into this mission with him!

AND FINALLY, I have some pictures to share from Daytona with you:

Today's ChallengeWhat's one thing that you would never change about yourself?

Hhhmmm, I think I might have to say my single dimple. For whatever reason, God gave me one dimple and not two. I used to think this was odd but over time I've come to appreciate it. That and my momness. I played mom growing up with friends forever (see here). As I've gotten older I've just naturally fallen into this mom role, reminding everyone of things, being the one to have a tide-to-go pen, having motrin on me...etc. Friends tease me, and sometimes I make fun of myself but really I'm quite alright being a momlike person. The hubs is quite alright with it too since normally it comes in handy for him.

Single Dimple Evidence

Join the challenge! Its okay if you're late in the game! We've only got 4 days left! 

Last day of camp is tomorrow, pray for students with hard hearts to be softened to the love of Christ, for youth groups to fall into a closer bond together and for God's glory to be totally filtered in and out of everyone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Best. The Embarrassing.

Well here we are, day two of camp, here in Daytona, Florida. So far, so good! The first night went off pretty well. And as I stood in the balcony of the section of the worship center I just could hardly contain myself. The view. Imagine for a second, thousands of students, worshiping...praising Jesus with Chris Tomlin himself leading! It was breathtaking...and Giglio gave a wonderful message that truly touched the students. To see two teen boys embrace each other and pray over one another is pretty much one of the most beautiful moments on earth.

We were on site for camp from 7:30 till 11:30 and you better bet that after being on my feet for about 90% of the day I went straight to bed. Sorry bloggers. So I'm catching up on the yesterday's challenge and giving you today's. Because of this, I'll probably be shorter on these two challenges.

Day 9: Describe the Best Day of Your Life
Goodness...the best day? I have so many! Graduation from High school, starting college, graduating from college this past May, embracing Jesus as my Savior, Kevin proposing (see that here and here and here), our wedding day of course, and every day of our honeymoon.

Our wedding, besides the honeymoon, is the most recent so I'll give you a glimpse into that today. I promised a wedding break down and a honeymoon breakdown...I apologize to you, I am waiting for pictures to tell you all about the wedding, and as for the honeymoon, well I've just been crazy busy.

Our wedding day was beautiful. We began our days apart, per tradition, with our respective parties. The ladies and I got our hair all done up prettifully ( my hair reminded me of a princess, in my head it's not exactly what I envision but I wouldn't have done it any other way now), and hung out with my lovely maids eating sweets and giggling. Our ceremony took my breath away. I walked down the aisle to one of my favorite music pieces, Dawn from Pride and Prejudice,  we spoke our written vows to each other, prayed over each other, mmm our pastor did a wonderful job, and the receptions was so joyous...I'd say more but I'll leave that to the breakdown posts.

Day 10: What is your most embarrassing moment?
I tend to have at least one of these a day however, the one that has gone down in my life history goes all the way back to the 7th grade. Then, in my math class, we all borrow graphing calculators from the teacher. At the end of class, every day, we would count them up and put them away. On this particular day, we counted them up and found we were one short. The class was ordered to check their bags, and look around. I swear that I took my calculator up and put it in that darn bin. So I didn't check my bag. Class was held for 10 minutes into lunch time due to the missing calculator. We eventually were released with instruction to FIND it. I get to the cafeteria, open my back pack and you won't believe what's in there. I crawled back to my teacher later that day and delivered it back. To this day, I promise someone must have dropped it in there. Nevertheless, this happenstance made it's way through the whole school and when graduation day of the 8th grade came and I was given my silly award(everyone got one in my school), mine was: I swear the calculator is not in my backpack. Terrible.

That's all for today bloggers. I'll try and be better! And post more pictures! Join in the challenge! It's not too late!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Reg Day

And so begins camp! I'll probably be making my day 9? (Has it been that long already?!) ...post for the challenge tomorrow. In about 20 minutes I will be registering youth pastors and that will take up most the day. In the evening we will do worship and after all that I'll be wiped. So while I love you I'll probably opt for more sleep.

Have a fabulous Monday yall!


Sunday, July 8, 2012


Good evening bloggers! This camp schedule is throwing me off of my blogging schedule so bear with me as I figure it out. Today is load in, that is take everything out of our trucks and set up camp. Basically, it's a full busy day with pauses for eating and occasional pauses for getting things on track. Currently, it's one of those second pauses. The husband has been working tech world all day, ie: all the media crazyness that goes on to make this show happen! We've got Chris Tomlin and Louie Gilgio coming so we gotta prep!
That's Reg Day apparel right there!

Apart from camp, it's Day 8 of the Challenge. Day 8 prompt: Describe the good, the bad, and the ugly about yourself.

Well that's a deep and revealing topic but I'll be hones with you, short due to my time constraint but honest. So here we go:

The Good: I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I'll be friends with just about anyone and I'll try and give my all to every friendship.

The Bad: Sometimes because of my good trait, my ability to really zero in on some friendships and be a real friend to everyone falls short. So I fail on calling people and keeping up with people and their lives and their hearts...I just forget.

On another, less deep note, I'm terrible at remembering new people's names...serious, it's a problem.

The Ugly: I'm incredibly impatient. I've also got a bad attitude about my old beaten up car...when it breaks down, I say when because inevitably it always does every other month or so, I cry and throw a complete selfish whine fest about how my life is so hard with my 18 year old car. I don't know how my father has dealt with that selfish act so many times before.

It's back to Student Life stuff for me. Most likely we'll be here late into the night setting up for Reg Day tomorrow (reg day: registration day: when all the campers and their youth pastors check-in to camp, get their t-shirts and their camp booklets-called the magazine, and find out other odds and ends...) with around 200+ churches to check-in it'll be another very long day but God is good and He will be our strength!

You should check out this awesome new gal I just met on my team here in Daytona...Katherine has been posting all about her summer with StudentLife. She's a full time mission staff, and part of the yellow traveling team so she's here with us on green team at Daytona to give us some extra hands.  She also stopped by to help out my original team, Aqua, so you should check her blog and see some of my fam from summer 2010!

Bring on the 2000+ people! #PT12!

Ps: Missed part of the challenge? See:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sushi and Sunsets

Day 7! I've made it a whole week! Todays prompt? Suggest a book and why?
Well I have a whole list of favorites but that would take too long and I'm on the cell blogging again. Instead, I'm sharing with you a book a I read a couple years ago and really enjoyed! Written by David Crowded himself, this book is humorous and offers a fresh view of the day to day life we live. Finding God in sushi and sunsets.
This book is Praise Habit
It's awesome!! Read it now!
- note: I don't know how this post became part bold print...that's what you get for using the Blogger app.
I can't end without highly suggesting Pride and Prejudice...see day one and day five for more on that.
Tall to yall later! I'm in the 15P and on the phone so I'm going to relax and converse with my team mates. Daytona here we come!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Turtles

Good morning bloggers, we made it safely to Bham, Alabama! Husband has to drive one of the Penske trucks for our team so currently we are seated in a waiting room of a clinic so he can do a medical examination report...make sure he is physically able to drive one of these humungo trucks (yes I did just say that)! Dedication, friends, dedication. When we are finished here we will report into StudentLife and meet our team! YAY!

So onward to Day 6:  What's something you've always wanted to do but haven't? Why not?

Something I've always wanted to do but have not yet is see baby turtles hatch and crawl to the sea. Sea turtles are my favorite animal, I don't want a pet one or anything but I just think they're beautiful. Finding Nemo did nothing but confirm the fact that sea turtles are totally cool! 
Growing up we had this painting/illustration of baby sea turtles hatching and crawling to the sea to begin their adult life. I loved this painting and for a while we had plans for my mom to paint it onto my bathroom wall. My bathroom was ocean themed. I even had a pretty good size collection of figurine sea turtles coming from as far as Grand Caymen to as close as Galveston. Texas. The collection is currently in a box in Houston...or maybe in Florida with my mom...it's hard to keep track of my things when they're spread across three states. 

Anyway, it's on my bucket list to watch these little baby sea turtles come to life and crawl to the sea...my why not yet excuse is because it's incredibly difficult to determine when this miraculous event occurs and so fellow bloggers if you know of the best way to figure this out then do share!!
Julia Frost
Ps: I tried desperately hard to find this painting but I couldn't! If and when I locate it and my collection of sea turtles I'll post a picture...until then, use your vivid imaginations.

What have you always wanted to do, but haven't? Let me know and link up with Sar!

5 People

Well folks, it's day 5 of this challenge and I'm in a car, on the hubs laptop, and writing out my post, as promised. ...when I wrote this it was still Day 5 and I was in the car but alas the computer battery quit and I wasn't able to access this post again...so here we are a day late...sorry friends.

Today's Post? 5 people you'd like to have dinner with.

1. Candice Olson: This woman is a fabulous designer who is widely known for her work shown on Divine Design on HGTV. She's beautiful, she's talented, and she seems to balance her life quite well too. I'd love to talk design with her and find out more about her career road. Her work is stunning! Just google her name and you'll see thousands of images of spaces she's designed.

2. Jane Austen: I am quite possibly obsessed with this woman's talent for writing beautiful novels. To chat over some of her characters and possibly what she envisioned for their futures, past the novels' end, would just be a blast. Perhaps she could even bring along Mr. Darcy! (side note: did you know Bath has a Jane Austen Centre? New bucket list item!)

3. My Great Grandmother Ginny: My sister's name came from our great grandmother. My mother and really all our family speaks so highly of her and I was too young to ever truly know her before her passing. It would be wonderful to dine with the woman who birthed my grandmother and my four great aunts and uncles.
4. LeAnne Tuohy: Last year I had the chance to listen to this woman speak at our university for a special event put on my one of the greek sororities. Her story is incredibly touching and the movie truly is beautiful. Just listening to her that night inspired me, I'd love a chance to know more, to hear about her faith, to learn how she juggles it all, etc. Not to mention, she's an interior designer so bring on the design knowledge!!

5. Paul from the Bible: Finally, Paul from the Bible, alive when Jesus walked our earth. This man experienced remarkable growth and miraculous moments in His life and I think I could just listen to him talk and talk and talk. He wrote several of the books we read today in our Bibles. His passion, his faith...his life is one we can all learn from and relate to. He could bring Jesus too, cause it'd be pretty great to have dinner with Him too. ;)

Of course, I have to say I'd love for my sweet hubby to join in on this awesome dinner as well.

Did you figure out which little girl I am from yesterday's post?

On a final note, totally gross bathrooms in gas stations on road trips...why on earth would one spend an extra few minutes in those gross fests to write on the bathroom stalls??? Please explain yourself!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

And We're Off!

And we're off! Please pray for us as we make our 12 hour drive today! See more about where we are going on the Student Life post from Tuesday.
We had a fabulous fourth of July, perhaps one of my most favorite in a long time. The bark, from yesterday's post, turned out pretty well. I have changes to make for the next go around but I'll have to tell yall more about that later.
I'll make up for day 5 of the challenge with Sar at Life of Love. Right now I'm in the car on the Blogger app and I'm not sure how successful this will be. Any of you use the Blogger app?
And finally, my sweet cousin, Emily, gets married today!!! Congratulations my cousin and friend. You will most definitely be a beautiful bride! I wish I could be there but God has plans beyond what we can see. I can't wait to see pictures! I pray God will rock your marriage and take yall places you never could have guessed, imagined or request! (Ephesians 3:20)
And that's all for now lovelies. Hope I can check in later on the hubs laptop.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

Good morning bloggers! Want to know some excellent news? I don't have to go to work!! YAY FOURTH OF JULY! I just have to say, that celebrating the fourth of July is one of my favorite parts of summer...fireworks? Heck yes! I love fireworks! I'm also super excited for our fun evening we have planned.

In Norman, you can go to the local park and watch a pretty awesome firework display. People "camp out"( by camp out, I mean snag a great spot to watch the show and claim your territory with chairs and blankets galore...not literally camp out under the stars, I was asked this yesterday) and bring food, play games and chill before the show begins. We went last year just for the show. This year we're bringing the chow, more friends and loads of fun. Everyone is bringing something tasty to our mini Fourth of July party.

I will attempt to make 4th of July Bark from the blog, Love Stitched, which I found via pinterest. So I'll have to let you know how that goes.

 Day 4: What's your favorite childhood memory?

Goodness what a hard prompt! I know for sure that I can't pick one favorite, I couldn't even pick one favorite article of clothing yesterday! How on earth can I pick one memory? These prompts are impossible...definitely not made of a girl of many words.

So instead of a sweet story of my most favorite memory, how's a couple snippets of multiple memories?

1. Crafting up a storm with my sisters during the summers...we made everything from homemade playdough and dollhouses to a sister cardboard car!
Can you guess which one is me?

2. Playing house with my best friend, my sisters, and her siblings...we were ridiculous but oh what fun we shared! Probably about 99% of the time, I played the mom...who was surprised about that one? There was always quite a mess to clean up after one of those afternoons.

3. Family vacations: We traveled as much as possible and we always had a good time, be it on a super long drive with my mom reading us books, like the Doll People (great book people!), or taking an airplane. Beaches in Florida and the slopes of Telluride, CO were our most frequented visits. I'll never forget all the lovely surprises and awesome vacas my mommy planned out for us!
Family Vacation to Destin, FL

Want to join in on the fun? Check out the 15 Day Challenge with Sar at Life of Love
Miss the past few days? Don't worry just join in!
 And if you want to catch up on my past couple days of the challenge, Click below:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Yes it's true, I've been watching the Bachelorette. Emily is pretty darn precious, and I kind of adore her accent, and she looks like barbie.... But in all seriousness, as much as I love watching this show, and yall I really look forward to it every week, I don't buy into. I love it for the awesome places they go, for the cool dates, for the sometimes really funny drama scenes, and of course to see who wins, oh I mean whom Emily picks. But really? You plan to find true love while being filmed? And dating way too many guys? This is not real life.

But hey, it's still a blast to watch! And I'm not here to bash the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and I certainly don't think any less of you who watch it. It's fun! So last night was the hometowns episode....what did yall think? Who's going to make it???

Now onto Day three of the 15 Day Challenge with Sar.
Day 3: Tell us about an article of clothing you're attached to.

This is hard one for me...there's the old t-shirt I love, my favorite Phi Lamb shirt has been worn one too many times I am sure of it, my prom dress, the go-to top, etc. I wouldn't consider myself a clothes crazy person, it's just that I tend to keep things I like forever...so instead of a single article of clothing I'm attached to, I'll give you 8!

 1. My favorite Phi Lamb tshirt: If I'm going to wear a t-shirt, 9 times out of 10 I betcha I pick this one. I love the colors and the fit, it's loose but not too loose, and it's super soft...when we were dating my husband got super tired of it. Sorry hubs, it's not going anywhere. 2. My Phi Lamb fleece: I know two phi lamb things right in a row...I'm sorry, but not really. I wear this sweatshirt anytime I need something to warm me up, it basically lives on me in the winter. It has a zipper all the way up, I love that I don't have to pull it up and over my head And yes there is a giant sheep in the picture with us (learn more about Betsie  here). 3. A blue top from The Limited, or one of those stores, I got in my senior year of High School. It's the perfect top for any occasion. It's fitted but slimming and it's got a sorta deep neck but still modest. The color is great, the material is oh so soft! It goes well will slacks, jeans, skirt, shorts....I'll keep this one for as long as I can! 4. My Oklahoma football shirt: my favorite OU t-shirt. I just love the graphic, and the fit and the length...it's great! It was made even better this last football season as I was able to get Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles to sign it! SWEET! 5. A lacey top from RUE21: I got this to wear for Valentine's Day two years ago and just adore it. It's off white and lacey with a cute dotted neckline, like pearls. It too goes great with a skirt, jeans, slacks, shorts. In that picture we were at a wedding show. 6. My prom dress: I love that dress, it fit perfect off the rack, it is pink, it has some sparkle...man I adored that dress that night. And then I got to wear again for a Phi Lamb formal, and then I wore it again for Halloween as Glenda the good witch, and then I wore it again as Sleeping Beauty (yep that's hubby being Prince Phillip, he even had a real sword...that was a great party). And yet I still refuse to get rid of it, surely my daughter will want to wear it to her prom, right? 7.  Red dress from BCBG: I tried this dress on for fun when some of my bmaids and I went shopping for their dresses. I sent a pic to my mom, who works as a sales associate for BCBG, and next thing I know it, it's in my mailbox...it's a good thing to have her working there. I wore it for my first shower around Christmas time and again to my final Phi Lamb formal. That dress is awesome and I need another occasion to wear it so quick someone throw a dinner party! 8. Last but not least my wedding gown: I adore, love, and am completely obsessed with my wedding gown. The fit, the sweetheart neckline, the belt of crystals and PEARLS! I love the skirt, the perfect amount of poof for me...everything. I want to wear this dress everyday of my life! (read about when I said Yes to the dress!)

So there you have it. My articles of clothing I have deep attachments to. It's strange that there's not more dresses in there, I wear a dress as much as possible.

Your turn, join in on the fun with Sar or just comment below!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Getting to Know: Student Life

You've heard me say it enough times, Student Life, What is it? Who is it? What do they do? Well I'm going to answer that for you now.

From their website: "Student Life exits to help teenagers know Christ through His Word. We believe that God's Word is relevant and instructive for the challenges students face today. our goal is to elevate God's Word so that life-change can happen with the community of your teenagers."

Student Life is a Christian camp for teenagers. The office is based in Bham, Alabama and they send out 4-5 teams in the summer of 20 or so college students with 2 adult leaders to various parts of the country putting on camp. The venues for the camps range from condos on the beach to public and private college campuses. 
My Team, Aqua the Great! Summer 2010
So basically, a team of 20 or so college students and their 2 leaders (director and coordinator) show up at a site, set up camp and prepare for the hundreds to sometimes thousands of high school and middle school students to arrive with their church groups. All a youth group has to do it show up with their students, youth pastor, and a couple leaders...everything else is put on by Student Life. As they indicate on their website, "It's a week of focused  learning, worship, relevant drama, fun community building and most important, God's Word on center stage." 

As a college student, I can't think of many other better ways to spend your summer. I mean you get to work for God, that's stinkin awesome, you get to meet a group of other college who share your beliefs, never enough fellowship, you get to touch students lives for Christ, nothing in the world is better than that, you get to travel the US a little, and you actually get paid too! 
Aqua Team Office Staff. Summer 2010
To me, it's so incredible to watch a whole camp be run by a group of college students. When I worked a couple summers back I was the PR/Internet Coordinator (sadly this position is gone; but you can see some of my favorite pictures I took on my website!) and I took pictures and basically blogged about camp so parents could be in-tuned to what their kids were learning and doing. I loved it! But part of that position that I think made it really unique was that I got to watch every single one of my team members do their positions.

Each year there's a new theme. This year's theme: Audacious. Based off the verse 1 Corinthians 16:13, this year's theme is about teaching students to be bold in Christ, changing their Christian life to what God has for them. "Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong." 1Corinth. 16:13

A couple summers ago, Kevin and I's first summer together as a couple, we both embarked upon working for StudentLife. Put on different teams, it was a big stepping stone in our relationship, could we make it the whole summer? End of May to Mid August. With God's help we did. More important we built our own faith, made some great new friendships and touched students lives almost every day. It was a fantastic summer for both of us. Last summer, we both stayed in Norman and worked jobs, missing StudentLife like crazy, but still having a pretty great summer.
Yes, that's Charlie Hall. Oh yeah, forgot to mention another awesome part is getting to know world known musicians and speakers! Incredible!
During this spring semester, Kevin got a call from StudentLife asking him if the two of us would be interested in coming back for a special two week session during the summer. Kevin was hesitent, I was excited, and we prayed. And we asked our parents to pray. And we asking our marriage counselor to pray. And we made a decision with, jumping out on faith, to join the team, in a matter of 48 hours. So here we are, about to embark on a fantastic adventure of serving God side by side, as husband and wife to touch students lives, to make our Saviors Name known. 

Would you pray for us as we set out? We will be making a long road trip down to Bham on Thursday and then we check-in and become part of Green Team 2012 (or as we've been told, Party Team 2012) on Friday, July 6! Also, pray for the students, whose lives we'll come in contact with, that their hearts will be open and that they may truly experience the Lord.

Then keep watch because while I'll still be participating in the 15 Day Challenge, I'll also be doing my best to keep you guys updated on our adventure. I hope to share what God's teaching through the leaders and some of the miracles we may experience. I know God is about to move big.

Training Week Orange vs Aqua. Summer 2010 (look at as young ones)

Want to know more? Just ask me or check out the Student Life website. I loved loved loved working for this awesome company and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions, silly or serious.

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