Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wedding Platter Help!

In lieu of a guest book or photo album we made a guest platter. One of my lovely maids suggested going to a paint your own pottery place to decorate it ourselves. At the shop, one of the workers suggested finding ceramic pens for our friends and family to sign it.

So we went to Hobby Lobby, and they were out of black ones so we turned to the internet, and found some instantly! They were a perfect price and we understood that they'd get here in time...false. Literally two days before the wedding I realized they weren't going to be here in time. So before running around town like a chicken with its head cut off, I called Michaels, and called other nearby Micahaels, and Hobby Lobbies...did everyone in Oklahoma decide they needed black ceramic pens before our wedding?? Ridiculous.

At this point we turned to permanent fine point markers. They worked beautifully and we LOVE the outcome....but now I don't know how to make it stay. I've heard that you can just bake it in the oven but for how long, at what temperature? and does that actually work??? Someone PLEASE help us!!!

So for reals, anyone know a pinterest pin? A DIY post? Anything??? 

ps: If you're in the Norman area and you want to go to a paint your own pottery place, we highly recommend Be Wild For Art!

- When you go to paint your tray, if you decide to do this, try and get a pre-idea of what you want to do...we were sorta dumbfounded when we got there and ended up mimicking our invitation
- Be patient, you have to do like three coats to make sure the color is deep...this mean every little design you do...yeah you have to go over it three times
- Order your ceramic pens ahead of but seriously, think about that one early. 


  1. Ooh, I have the Pin for this! It's 350 for 30 minutes! :) I'll have to find the link and send it to you.

  2. I have a liquid glaze that goes over something that you paint on and then bake....but we would need to check and make sure it won't smear your marker since your platter was already glazed. I'll look for it and bring it to you. We can test it out on something else first using your pens.

    1. Ok, I tested my glaze over the mug I made. I did the same thing as you, a ceramic (insert ceramic thing with a glassy glaze) wrote on it with sharpie, and baked it for 30 minutes at 350. The reason I was concerned about the glaze was that I was worried the sharpie would smear all over the place since the glaze goes on wet. I think because I baked it, for the most part the sharpie did not smear. However, there was one small part of my mug where the glaze made the sharpie come off. I will make a blog post tonight and post the pictures of this on there, and explain what I think may have happened.

      Also, I have owned my glaze about a year and a half. It seems to have gotten some little crystals in it (kind of the same way acrylic paint gets chunky over time). It also leave some slight brush strokes from my paintbrush. When I first bought this glaze, I did not notice the small crystals in it. I believe it is a result of time, so if you purchase a new one at hobby lobby, I think it will probably not have that issue...however will continue to have the brush strokes. Again, I'll try to show you these things in the pictures I'll post. :)

  3. Hey hey... I found a pin for you. Not sure if you already did something. I'm about to try that glaze I have over sharpie, and I'll let you know how it turns out. And if it is well, I'll bring it to Norman next time I come. :)

    For now, here's the other pin...however, I personally, would prefer having several coats of baked on glaze to protect the writing from being washed and such. :)


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