Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday's Top Ten

I'm back, as a new wife happily married to her best friend! Wedding details, honeymoon pictures and my story are all to come soon but for today I'll sum up some highlights with Tuesday's Top 10!

Wedding/Honeymoon/New Life TOP 10!

1) Marrying my best friend, the love of my life, Kevin C. Burns, just standing on the stage staring into his eyes during our ceremony, such an exciting and thrilling moment (of course what else could be #1)
2) Moments before walking down the aisle, my beautiful bridesmaids circled around me and prayed over me...instantly my nerves were quieted...such a sweet moment with my ladies.
3) Our photo-booth at our wedding, manned by some pretty awesome and fun ladies! I enjoyed my few moments with all the fun props... I can't wait for pictures from this!
4) Getting on the plane for our honeymoon...ready for relaxation!
5) Hearing, "Of course Mrs. Burns" or "You're welcome Mrs. Burns" or "Thank you Mrs. Burns" every time we called someone in the hotels.
6) Sitting on the balcony of our room, overlooking waves splashing up onto the beach and the sun rising into the sky, eating breakfast with my new husband
7) Bike riding along the coast of St. Pete Beach with my new hubby, popping in and out of little shops along the way.
8) Sitting on the beach with my hunny, sun has already set, talking and staring out onto God's beautiful creation for what seemed like forever

9) Rain, Rain, and more Rain on our honeymoon...FALSE! Like that could be a top ten for me! Real #9: learning how to ride a segway and touring through downtown St. Pete with my husband, and tour guides, and other-family-with-us
10) Coming home, realizing it was all real and we're starting our life together, forever and always

- Don't let the rain bring you down, I know many of you are reading this and saying "hello tell this to yourself?!" but hey, I'm learning...rain on your wedding day is lucky right? So rain on your wedding day and honeymoon should bring tons of luck, no?
-Don't let a moment of your big day slip away without noting it. I think I missed many small moments.
-Be willing to change up your wedding day schedule a bit: we realized into our dance time that much of our party was getting tired...easy fix, we cut down the dance music and enjoyed the rest of the night 

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