Monday, June 25, 2012

My SUPER Fun Bachelorette Party

Nearly as soon as Kevin and I became engaged my best girlfriends/roomies/bridesmaids began planning my bachelorette party. They kept the whole thing a secret from me for nearly 9 months! They did a fabulous job planning this super awesome night and I am so incredibly thankful for them and for all the ladies who gave up of their time and money to celebrate with me.

The agenda for the night began with dolling up and eating pizza at my place before quickly doing gifts and sliding out the door. It was such fun and sweet to have my mommy there too with us before we left. Kristina threatened to blindfold me but Emily decided against it so off we went, jamming out to some classic raps and fun Flight of the Conchords jams ( you really ought to click that link and listen, seriously).

Plans were mixed up due to the threat of a nasty storm coming, we kept the word of possible tornado to a minimum for our non Okie peeps with us, thankfully it didn't disrupt our fun and in the end it only tuned out to be a little rainy and a lot windy. We arrived downtown OKC to our first location: Teaze Dance and Fitness Studio. That was an absolute blast and I highly recommend it for good clean fun for your bachelorette party. Our next stop was a country western bar we've gone to a couple times to practice our two-stepping. Wednesday night though is rap-song-night there, we'll just say that while we had a ton of fun, there's a totally different crowd there on Wednesday nights... Before calling it a night, we made our final stop at iHop, because where else would you go for food late at night? While we were there, a group of what appeared to be a band came in, congratulated me and then sat down to eat themselves. We definitely couldn't leave without knowing who they were so quickly before checking out, we told them to have a good night and inquired into their band name, they gave us guitar picks and a brochure for their next gig (it was the wedding night sooo that didn't work out).

By that time a shower and my bed were beckoning me. A deep five hours of sleep were all I got in before our busy church decorating party the next morning, totally worth it.

I won't ever forget all the memories from that night. Thank you ladies for the best time!!

- I think being surprised by the activities of the night was such fun so leave it up to the girls to plan it out besides let's be real, you plan everything else for the wedding...why not give up the control for one night
- It's okay to let loose a little, I'm not saying go crazy and let go of every moral you have for one night. No. I'm saying, breathe, chill out and enjoy a night of fun with your besties before the wedding day jitters getcha
- With the above said, stand your ground to your morals. Don't do something you won't be willing to tell your almost hubby all about. Trust each other and show respect to each other.
-Have a BLAST!


  1. Oh my gosh.....if you're talking about the Wormy Dog and the Ihop in Bricktown, I've totally done that little tour more than once in my life! So much fun!


  2. It is great bachelorette party as I see in the picture and read your blog.

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