Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guest Post: This is my Story

 Hello bloggers, today you're in for a special treat with another bride-to-be! Enjoy Miss Bekah Cope's story and go check out her blog sometime atA Peek Inside the Phelps Place.

Howdy folks!! My name is Bekah Cope and I am a newly working Dental
Hygienist whoʼs getting hitched in T minus 40 days! Super crazy/exciting time in my life.
I will share a story about Godʼs love with you.

If there is one thing God has taught me over the past 6 months, it is that he is
faithful. Even when I am a slacker and am not obedient with my quiet times, he still
loves me just the same. In the “I hate my life & want to drop out of school” seasons, he
is love. In the laid back, “not getting out of bed until noon” seasons, he is love.

About a month ago I started applying to jobs. A few other girls in my hygiene
class that I was very close to applied to the same job. I was really nervous about going
up against my close friends. Satan saw this opportunity and started attacking me, telling
me how I am not going to get this job, that the other girls are better than me. The
insecurities started piling up, and I went to the Lord. Even still, it was non stop all day I
couldnʼt shake the lies out of my head.

Well, the week before I got a phone call from an elderly woman who was a
patient of mine. Her voicemail stated it wasnʼt anything important, but just to call her
back if I got a chance. A week after hearing her voicemail, I found myself lying the couch
feeling very distraught because I knew I wasnʼt going to get a job - and I remembered I
needed to call her back.

I pick up the phone, called, and heard exactly what I needed to hear. She told me
how for some reason my name and face kept popping up in her head all day long last
week. She had no idea why, but knew that every time it did, she needed to pray for me.
She told me how special and beautiful of a person I was, and how she could see
Christʼs love in me. The conversation continued with affirmations from her and how she
had no idea what was going on in my life, but just wanted to be obedient to God and
follow through with a call.

I realized then that God cares so deeply about me that, that a week in advance,
he told a fellow believer to start praying for me when I was about to be under Satanʼs
attack. Wow.

That was, with out a doubt, a way that God told me you are loved and very
special to me. And that I need to find my identity in Christ, not in comparing myself to

God is a good, loving Father who cares for his children. Seek first his kingdom!

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