Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters

It's that time again, Friday's Letters! I don't know about you but I definitely cannot believe it's Friday!

Dear Friday, You coming means I've had my first work week as full time staff! It's pretty exciting but doesn't feel too different...maybe when schools starts and I don't have to go, it'll feel more real?

Dear Thunder, Come on! We're all rooting for you so it's time to step it up! THUNDER UP!

Dear Morning Run, I am really liking that you go through neighborhoods now instead of up and down the road in front of my old apt complex. Also, today you and I tested using Google's My Tracks app and that was pretty awesome because I could see what streets connected and how far I'd gone. 2 Miles today!
Random but awesome house I found on my run.

Dear Leftover Wedding Food, At some point my friends are going to refuse eating any more popcorn and wedding cake...glad my office is enjoying some of the popcorn! (Dear office, eat it all!)
All set up for my fellow staff to enjoy!

Dear Marriage, You're pretty great. I love living with my best friend. I really love waking up next to my best friend. I'm glad you're a forever and always kind of thing.
Still staring at my pretty rings...

Dear Photobooth, It appears our wedding guests enjoyed you. I can't wait to share the pictures that came of you. Please thank your directors for me because they did and awesome job and I can't think of two more fun, beautiful ladies to be in charge of you.
Kevin's precious grandparents at our photobooth

Dear Husband, We have been hitched for all of 13 days, 14 hours, 14 min, and 14 seconds ( and no I did not do that on purpose, looked at my phone just now and that's what it said! crazy!)! Last night was the first time you weren't home when I went to bed since being married and that was weird, already. How is it that I've acclimated to you being around all the time so fast? I'm really enjoying driving to work together and you picking me up at the end of the day. <3

Dear Weekend, I am so glad you are here because husband and I have big plans to organize and adjust our home. I am so ready to be done with the randomness everywhere. I'd like to have a dining table, kitchen counters, sofa, and a floor back. Also my sweet friend's wedding shower is this weekend and I am so excited for that!

- May the sweet thoughts, caring notes, and attentive service never end
- Thank your Jesus everyday for the smallest of blessings!
- Having a rough day? Turn on some worship music or hit up your local Christian Radio station. It's sure to change your thoughts and make you feel better. My favs: The HOUSE  and KSBJ


  1. I'm going to have to look up that Google "My Tracks"! I'm always wondering what the exact mileage is when I'm walking the neighborhood. Happy weekend :)

  2. The picture of Kevin's grandparents at your photobooth is so cute!! haha I'm so glad some of the older folks did it, that's awesome.
    Oh, and your wedding ring is gorgeous! I have not seen it until now. :)

  3. Ah congrats on getting married! I am engaged and cannot wait until my big day! Looks like it is a lot of fun. :) new follower!

  4. You had popcorn at your wedding? Now I need to find your wedding posts to read all about it! Enjoy your weekend x

    1. you know, I don't think I ever talked about the popcorn...popcorn post coming soon!

  5. Congrats on your recent wedding!! Loved reading your Friday's Letters! :) Have a fab rest of your weekend!


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