Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Today we are 23 days from our big day! I can't believe it! 

From the words of the almost husband: 
"23 days until the wedding! 23 is the number for the greatest basketball player of our days, Michael Jordan. The 23rd Psalm declares "The Lord is my Shepherd." Mr. Eko loved this passage and recited it to the smoke monster. The famous Oceanic Flight 815 departed from Gate 23 and 23 passengers in the tail end of the plane survived the crash. In one of the cooler coincidences, when Jack sees a picture of the island in The Lamp Post, it's dated 9/23/54, add those numbers up and the sum is 23.
All of this to say: I'm so excited to marry you!"
(yes it's true, I'm marrying a LOST fan...and this isn't the only countdown post referring to LOST I've received)

With school basically done, I've been able to get so much for our wedding and moving done. It's been awesome. I love checking things off my list! Nothing like checking one of those little boxes on your list, it's such a fantastic feeling.

And now for some wedding sneak peaks:

My wedding shoes. I'm totally excited about them, coral and pearls? HECK YES!

Remember this post, well here is the invitation finally revealed!

These will be a part of a very special craft, so keep posted to find out!

Oh and this has absolutely nothing to do with our wedding but I'm completely excited about it and just couldn't not share it with yall. Meet Dyson, our new vacuum cleaner! I've been looking forward to the day of owning a Dyson since forever, don't believe me just ask my mom. I'm pumped! Bring on the vacuuming frenzy! I definitely plan on vacuuming our new place with this baby before anything else.

- Shoes: The current trend is to wear a color, or some dazzling heels. I say pick something you're going to be comfortable in and get to wear again! My man is definitely tall enough for me to wear heels and every now and then I freak out that I should have done heels...but at the end of the day I'll be glad I chose my comfy coral flats with pad inserts.
-Selecting a vacuum cleaner: Kevin and I are both hard core planners. We checked reviews, talked to people we know, researched all the models...maybe went over board but to us it's what we needed to do to make sure we wanted to spend on it. 
- Anyone have any pearls of wisdom for me regarding counting down the big day? Anything you wish you knew?


  1. Your shoes look so cute Veronica! I think you made a great choice on the flats. :)

  2. Thanks ladies! We officially attached the pearl part tonight and they feel great!


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