Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Top Ten

Yesterday I shared a glimpse of the crazyness that was this past weekend slash entire last week. Today I'm sharing my top ten of GRADUATION. This grand accomplishment seemed to slip by entirely too fast, and I tried desperately to soak in every sweet and awesome moment.

As the procession for the commencement began in the Lloyd Noble Center (Dear Rain, No I've still not forgiven you) a flurry of spectacular moments occurred and I knew if I didn't note them I'd never remember them. So in the sea of black mortar boards I reached into my pocket, snatched my phone, slyly slid it into my hand and proceeded to email myself some of my favorite moments that had occurred thus far.

Graduation TOP 10:

1) Finding my daddy and my parents-in law (to be) in the sea of faces
2) Locking eyes with Kevin from across the room and signing I love you with our hands
3) President Boren looking me straight in the eye and congratulating me, me saying thank you back 
4) Blowing kisses to Kevin from across the room
5)The College of Law Dean recognizing me and congratulating me (working on campus has many benefits)
6) Kevin running up to me and twirling me off the ground after commencement
7) Riding to Commencement with my bestest friends: Emily Reed, Kristina Kave and of course my sweetheart, Kevin Burns
8) Walking across the stage and holding that diploma for the first time at convocation
9) Cheering for my sweet man as he walked across the stage at convocation
10) Having my daddy with me, my almost new parents and sister in law, my almost new grandparents and my awesome fiance there...so much love and support through commencement and convocation

- It's okay to jot things down, or email yourself things! If you want to remember the sweet and awesome moments sometimes it takes more than trying to mentally remember it...there's so many things on our minds these days
- Praise your Savior for the glorious accomplishments He carries you through...like graduating!
- Take a deep breath and soak it all in, it'll fly by without you even realizing it

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