Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up today with Life of Love for Thursday Thoughts.

I'm so thankful for my wonderful roommates. With each day that passes I can't believe how close we are getting to our move out date. These ladies have been my family here for three years and coming from a family of only sisters, I really don't know how living with a boy is going to go.
Kristina and I having too much fun with leftover cake from the wedding shower.
What happens when Kristina finds the camera effects on your phone.
 Studying is not one of my strengths. I took a whole day off work to study for my last final exam. I just can't handle that.Never again! (except I will... to study for the NCIDQ exam, ask me about that later).

Too many note cards!!!
I made it through Wild Wednesday!!!!!  Wild Wednesday included an early 6:30 wake up call to study, an 8:30 am Belly Dancing Final (yes I'm in Belly Dancing, you should check it out too), a quick trip home for lunch, getting ready and studying more, a 1:15 Capstone Presentation time which thankfully I finished and was out of there by 3pm, more studying, and finally my last final exam I'll ever take at 6pm. Wild Wednesday thought I needed even more added to my plate and topped off the night with my car not starting...thanks Wild Wednesday. (No worries, we're driving again though).
Finished our performance.
Capstone all set up
Favorite check off I've made in a long time!
I started writing in my new journal this week. In my time with God each morning, I journal what I've read, sometimes my favorite verse from the morning and always my prayer for the day.One of my favorite things is selecting a new journal. This is a tedious process and involves a lot of time and analyzing (and no moleskin journals aren't the answer). It must have lines, it must be hard back, it must not have much wording or images on the pages, and of course it must be pretty. I tend to shop for these at Target and Barnes and Noble. This one came from Barnes and Noble and I love it!

Today I'm back at work. I actually really enjoy my job and love the people I work with. I am super thankful to know where I'm going to be after graduation.
The flowers outside our office.
 Being an interior designer has some awesome perks. One of these is reps, those people who come and tell you all about their latest products, be it furniture or fabrics, etc. They're always friendly and many of them bring treats. Today we were given cookies but one of the reps brought apple chips. I must say they are super tasty and I may have to look for them in the grocery store.
My empty bag.


  1. Congrats on finishing your BIG project!

    I can totally relate to saying goodbye to great roommates. It's been six years since college for me and I miss my girls daily. Plan a reunion trip every year! It's been the best :)

    1. Thanks so much!

      We will have to do that!

  2. Belly dancing! That's awesome!

    Found you through the link-up! Happy Thursday!

  3. Belly dancing is something I never thought I'd do but I've loved it!


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