Monday, May 28, 2012

This is my story...

It is wedding week! Crazy! I can't believe I am four days from the a day I've been planning for, for 9 months! SO excited!!

In honor of wedding week, check out our wedding website!

Since I will be out for many days with final wedding arrangements, actually getting married and finally being able to chill out on our honeymoon I am setting up for some guest blog posts. Our guest bloggers will be talking about their story. Here in Norman, I attend Journey Church, where I've been attending since my freshmen year of college. I love this church! I love the people, the pastors, the activities, the groups, the messages and I love that part of Journey's motto is to have a blast! 

One of our recent message series was called this is my story, as you see in the button above. God gives each of us a story to tell. Our story is our life, what we've done and who we've met and how God has shaped us into the people we are. Our story illustrates God's awesome glory and sovereignty.

So our guests will talk about themselves, who they are, how God has worked in their life. It could be their testimony or it could be a snapshot of their life in which God just rocked their world. 

So stay tuned and check in to hear these stories! 
When I return from wedding and new life beginning I will write my own!

One last wedding sneak peak:
Painting our guest signing platter!
See you later bloggers!

- Allow the Lord to shape you, mold you, write your'll be far better than anything you could ever come up with!
- Listen for the Lord in the decisions you make in life, you don't have to make them alone
- Worried about sharing your story? Pray about it and look for new ways to do so. I'm not the best at simply approaching people so this is a perfect way for me to share my story...

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  1. Hooray! Wedding week is so fun... even more fun is the honeymoon! :)


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