Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Single Digits

We are into the single digits! 9 Days! WOW! 
Today is a continuation of our engagement story, part two. If you missed part one check it out here.

One of the weddings we attended, the groom is an awesome photographer, check him out!

With a blink of an eye, summer was over. We attended four weddings, traveled, did wedding stuff ourselves, hung out with friends, shopped farmer's markets, played outside, read Pride and Prejudice, and watched every single episode of LOST (but that's a story for another time). It was an awesome summer but I was getting antsy...fall semester beginning and I knew it had to be coming...I was just ready for it. "But my finger is naked Kevin," still rolled off my tongue quite regularly, the reply to which was often just a smile or laughter. Still as much as I was wishing it were the very next day or hour, I just knew it was coming on our 2 year made the most sense, and Kevin is a planner soooo why wouldn't it be?
Night of fun at the Union to start off senior year
During this summer my awesome roomies/best friends(Learn more about them ) and I made a pact: since I wouldn't know when the engagement was coming (they did though), it was their job to make sure my nails were consistently looking real pretty. I mean who wants to get engaged and take pictures with half painted nails covered in sawdust (I was taking a furniture design class at the time), right? Kristina took this job seriously and within the first week we actually went to get our nails done!
don't look! Naked finger!

We looked great and we felt great for all of four days...not going to that salon again. So our nails chipped and days went by...until Phi Lamb RUSH started up. (Side note: Since Phi Lamb is not Panhellenic, we do RUSH the second or third week of school. RUSH consists of girls choosing to attend one of three nights, very casual group setting where we talk about Phi Lamb, do a little skit, play games, etc). The first two nights are always casual, we try and wear matching t-shirts at the very least but the third night we dress up a little bit more. Kristina was adamant about us having our nails nicely done for formal RUSH night. And I don't even think adamant describes her pushing and prodding of me, but we'll go with it. So after much persuasion, I stopped at a CVS on my way home after work to get us both some fake nails, her choice, and brought them home with me. We immediately went to work and talked about how insistent she had been...I even joked her saying something like, "Oh Kristina, is something happening soon?" which she slyly responded no and me, being blonde and gullible, dropped it there.
Kris and I looking dandy on formal RUSH night
Having beautiful nails for formal night of RUSH made perfect sense, it was enough for me, so I followed orders from Miss Kristina and we had a great night figuring those weird adhesive nails out. Besides, Kevin and I would be celebrating our 22 Monthiversary (yes we celebrate every one) after RUSH so that would be an additionally good reason for nice nails. We had plans for him to pick me up right after RUSH and take a walk on campus....

- Don't think about everything too much, over analyzing isn't typically a good thing, so let the pieces fall as they will
- Trust your friends and follow their orders, especially when you've made a pact with them
- Enjoy every moment of life without looking ahead too much, you don't want to miss the small memories.

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  1. congrats on getting to the single digits! i promise, these new few days will just fly right by! so enjoy every second! and remember that the big day is all about you two, and no one else! as long as you both have fun, then the day was a complete success ;)
    xo TJ


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