Saturday, May 26, 2012

Only Sweet Six Days of Singlehood Left

Here it is, the final part of our engagement story! If you've missed the others, check out part one, then part two, before reading today's part three!
The Man. The Ring. The Girl.
Taking a couple steps backward....At some point in the evening after finishing our nails, Kevin came over to hang out for a bit, nothing out of the ordinary. We talked for sure, maybe did some reading or watched a tv show...I honestly don't remember that night except that for some reason I was tired. And in my tired state, I had no energy to determine what I should wear for formal RUSH the next evening. Every so often, I insist Kevin select my attire, and that night I did exactly that. He fumbled through my closet and selected a white dress I didn't wear often, perhaps the last time I'd worn it was to my high school graduation, so I went with it. So basically he selected the outfit he was going to propose to me in!

Leading up to RUSH was a crazy whirlwind. I had gone to work that day, come home to make a dinner...for some reason decided to try a new recipe (pizza casserole, and yes it was good!)...and the dinner had taken longer than I show up to RUSH, a bit late with casserole in hand and then yes I proceed to eat it before potentials (aka: girls that might join) arrived. To my surprise, my BiG shows up and we start discussing when Kevin and I would be getting engaged, then married, etc...knowing good and well the answer to the first. Didn't shake me though, Kevin and I had talked wedding so much, it wasn't weird for me to talk about even without being engaged.

Kristina had me pretend to walk down THE aisle, tricky girl!
 My final night of RUSH came to a close. As I walked to the door, at least two girls smiled at me and told me to have a good evening, mentioning my man was just outside waiting for me. Well that was kind of odd, I thought. Regardless, I skipped outside excited to see Kevin. He stood there smiling but wasn't his usual excited self, at least not right away. We started walking hand in hand through the Union as I asked him what exactly we were doing (side note: we've never just walked campus before so this plan...was kind of different). He told me we were going to get dessert in the courtyard. I recall thinking, well that's funny, you can't get dessert out there...
As the doors to the courtyard opened, I spied a table set up with flowers and candles. The flowers, were the kind we talked about having at the heart leapt and I thought, this is it! He guided me over the to the table, at which point I could see the candles in the shape of a heart, and sat me down (Side note: in the beginning of our relationship, we ate lunch in this courtyard every week). Then He handed me a square note (Side note: on every monthiversary I receive a square note from Kevin, on the front is a note about the present, on the back is our continual love story). I read the front which was a sweet note about celebrating our 22 monthiversary, and then went to turn to the back, Kevin quickly scrambled to take the note away from me and muttered something along the lines of, there's not a back this time.*
 I strangely accepted that and he began to say sweet things slowly, so slowly that I thought I was supposed to respond and then before I knew it, he was on one knee and there was ring! I joyfully said yes and we hugged and kissed and hugged some more. At this point I turned and noticed at a table across from us were two girls, I knew, taking pictures of us....really? How did I not see this?! My oblivion works to my advantage sometimes I guess. After my realization of all this, I started exclaiming, is this real? Did that just happen? Is this real life?...over and over and over...just ask my sweet man, or our stalkers, ;) We loved our stalkers...they even got video of the whole thing!!

*Turns out there was a back to the was about how and when he bought the ring and the many plans and arrangements he made to put together this special night for us.

In Phi Lamb, you are supposed to keep your engagement secret until the next chapter and then we have a special candle service. Sweet man, he thought he planned it timely enough so we could manage that but chapter was off that week and besides that excited friends has already posted about it on facebook. No big deal. Some people were still surprised!
Telling the story at chapter
Our first Church Sunday Engaged!
- How do I follow that up with pearls of wisdom?
- Be willing to let your man propose to you as he chooses, I never saw this coming but it was the sweetest way to do it!

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  1. Lovely lovely lovely! I love how everything came together! Maybe it was a good thing you were tired that night b/c you didn't catch on to anything. All in God's timing :) Love this story!


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